Brothels Ahead, Spare The Innocent!!


Brothels: An Antidote For RAPE! World’s oldest profession, ‘Prostitution‘ (William Josephus Robinson), is now illegal, why? Prostitution was made illegal in the late 20th century. Many countries around the globe felt that ‘SEX FOR SALE‘ was not appetizing as it seemed due to the increasing rate of STDs, VD and HIV. Did the government think Continue Reading →

KARMA Boomeranged!!


KARMA Boomeranged!! A lot of mind voices, which not many could hear, that I couldn’t share at that point, wanted to spill it out now, as I stare at something disturbing and which reminds me of an epidermic every time I see it. This is about a person who deliberately turned my Birthday disastrous every Continue Reading →

She Chose To Be A Girl!


She Chose To Be A Girl! A hot summer in Chennai it was, my friend and I decided to visit a Carnival and fest that was held in a temple of Goddess Draupadi. As known to many, we Indians can’t have our mouth shut when we have company, “Of all Indians you know, Chennaites are Continue Reading →

Shop Some Manners Online!

Blog Argue 2

Shop Some Manners Online! And hence there was a person of a special kind or should I say a ‘special kid‘ (Just kidding). But his sweet little talks gets me irritated and confused, if he’s innocent or ignorant. I sometimes wonder why would people carry a false image, which is heavy to plant on One’s Continue Reading →

The Whores Who Wore Crowns


The Whores Who Wore Crowns!! When time flips opportunities and situations, it gives birth to History; When people switch behaviors, they are part of History. As they say, when you sure have no enemies, it means you are not successful. Similarly, when a person never changes, he sure never makes a difference. These two characters Continue Reading →