Decor Revolution


Decor Revolution!! Offices, hotels, restaurants and a few other business nodes sought refuge of Interior Decor to attract customers and overwhelm them with a fancy welcome and a cozy invite. Recently its accepted widely that Interior Decor for homes to make them more cozy and interesting, Interior Designers have played an important role booming up Continue Reading →

Is GOD Artistic Or Autistic?


Is GOD Artistic Or Autistic? One who’s an atheist thinks the problems he’s been facing is because “he doesn’t believe in God“. A theist thinks why are problems targeting people who believe in God so much. So many religions, all around the world, says “God! bestows wrath when people forget Him“. But those who believe Him Continue Reading →

Message:WEST :: Riddle:EAST


Message:WEST :: Riddle:EAST (Analogy) A mail that contains the sweetest goodbye, which never says that we depart today instead that bunches the hearts intact. An intention of never letting distance and separation impact the alliance amongst people the word BYE was never used. But, who knew that this inaccuracy would cost an imbecile reciprocation from Continue Reading →

A Battle To Lose!

Satan In Love

A Battle To Lose! LOVE… The one Gulp of Potion to make you feel Young, The one Step leading us to Heaven, The one Touch of malicious Lust, The one Rule with no Rules.  Sinfully Bitter and divinely Sweet, A Tang that Berries would Lose to, Beats of a scrambled Heart, A License to Sculpt Continue Reading →

Obsessed Or Possessed?


Obsessed Or Possessed? Expectations were all over me, since I was 7, that age was to find a route to fraternity. My parents who were so obsessed with 1st rank were on my neck, hard to breathe, longing for something which I never can achieve, which I knew, but, hard to convince my parents.As an Indian Continue Reading →