Society/ Apartment – Some Cheap & Bitter Facts!!

Apartment: Here are some facts about one of the apartments/ societies in Pune city, which are truly based on my live & real time experiences. These are not just my assumptions, but these are backed up by real time email exchanges from the owners itself complaining about hell lot of stuff at RT. That’s right, I have recorded and archived all the emails and complaints from all the owners and/or tenants against the property management and the property itself.

Before I started writing this, I’ve consulted a legal advisor and took an advise, he said I can go ahead and write it – it should be fine until I mask the actual name 🙂 I bet it isn’t so tough to guess the actual name 😛 I have emails from the owners by themselves complaining about everything related to this society and I myself experienced such crap while living there.

  1. No municipality water connection pipe line within the flats – can you imagine this? You have to buy drinking water from outside or arrange for purifiers by yourself.
  2. No overhead tank system – they say they have this pumping system as an alternative, but water problem is hell here – twice in every month we need to carry buckets to the lawn to get some water when there is a problem.
  3. No digital security system – they just have the machine fixed inside the flats to attract people to buy or rent it, else it is just as waste of a dust bin.
  4. THEworst part is “Property Management” – really ‘THE’ Worst – loots people like anything – extra for gym (where these is nothing significant in that), extra for club house, extra for swimming pool (which is cleaned once in 2 months I believe), extra for anything extra than the flat.
  5. Security gaurds/ people – management doesn’t have background records of the security gaurds at all, how insecured?? One of the security gaurds took money from all the residents saying that we have to pay for something and the receipts will be given at office. All went to office to collect receipts – then what? It was nothing like that – that guy absconded looting 20000 Rs from all residents and the management could not even trace him back yet. How sick would that management be who deosn’t take responsibility in such issues? I mean how can they even recruit security without collecting their details??
  6. Just the outer look is OK, if you look into each flat – walls which seems like 7 inch thick, will just fall down with just one hit of a hammer. We were installing D2H for which wall needs to be drilled. Usually it would be very hard, but here your task is easier – you just need one hit with a nail and hammer, and you are done.
  7. Water leakage from within the walls – oh my God!! Can you even imagine water leaking out forcely continuously from within the bedroom walls all of a sudden, that too from a newly constructed building? OMG!! Seriously – how cheap construction that would be? Walls are weaker and the weakest inside the flats. When complained, they took a complete 20 days to fix it.
  8. Plumbers, electricians, security gaurds etc staff are just useless, they feel they are the rulers of this world. Cheapsters, Kaam Chors – doesn’t work responsibly and yet show pale attitude. What could be the reason behind their behaviour? The pale management which is aware of this and yet supports them do that. I heard with my own ears once a property manager saying to staff that of someone complaints on any thing, you just don’t go. Let them come more than thrice, then go and do work, only if needed. Else ignore it. How cheap!! Management will also doesn’t take care of such things seriously – when went to complain, they just treat you as if you are asking some extra free services.
  9. Water leakage in the parking area – like raining – for months together – still no action will be taken care of.
  10. For tenants – it’s a hell there. They treat as if tenants are those who live there on someone’s sympathy for free. Assholic management! tenants pay a lot and yet treated as aliens. How devastating!!
  11. Tenants to shift from one flat to another within premises, have to bribe 10000 Rs to property manager, which I’m sure will go into his pocket with no records.
  12. Most cheapest thing is – in addition to giving a lot of security deposit to flat owners as a caution deposit, this insane management will insist tenants to pay extra deposit to them, which they say is reimbursed, but it will not. They say after 30 days of vacating flat, that deposit will be reimbursed, how can one believe that insane management once you leave the flat? i mean where is this rule elsewhere? Why the hell should tenants to pay deposit to property manager? If you don’t pay that, that’s it – you will be treated as cheap and will be haunted wherever you go.
  13. …….

You bet, the list goes on indefinitely!!

I believe society should be resident friendly, but not just owner friendly and tenants can be treated as some creatures! I mean Who cares if you are the owner! When there is no discrimination, that’s where one can live peacefully. And that could be possible when the management is matured, ethical and well educated!!

Not sure how the society members (owners) are being cool with these kind of cheap and insane things going within the society. Are they being blindfolded or are they just OK with these cheap things?

I never seen such a pathetic management so far through out my life. I’m the owner of a property myself in Hyderabad, I never been like a weirdo with my tenants yet. Being a tenant doesn’t mean they are not so important than the owners. Unless they have a legal agreement, tenants are the sole owners of the flat till that agreement lapses. Then where the hell these property management comes into the picture and torture the tenants like this, which all such insane proposals? It can be escalated legally against the property management and/ or the owners for such an insane mental harassment and torture for money from the tenants, which is actually not needed at all!!

I now question the society members/ owners – Are you an illeterate guys for not to look into these cheap proposals and deny them and be ethical? Or are you seriously not aware of these things yet? I don’t believe if you say you don’t know all these till now, I mean how can you be so stupid in giving a go-ahead for all these cheap third classed proposals from the management? How can you torture tenants like this even when they pay you the rentals on time and be very decent with the owners?

I understand owners at RT are highly pissed off and frustrated with all the cheap quality contruction and the management, as I see daily 4-5 emails in the forum from each one of you complaining about it, some says feel cheated and some says the rest. I just can pity such owners who doesn’t have any other option to get adjusted with whatever they purchased or to resell it out to some other bakras. I have all the emails in my inbox which are the basis for this blog. Just to let you know I’m not writing anything here to take revenge on the management, but to let the world know how uniquely insane is this management and/ or owners behaving. My claims are not baseless, rather I do have all the proofs against the management and people there in the form of written statements (emails).

So, the so called Owners, wake up, you are living in this e-World! Don’t be so dumb and act like an illiterates. Know property about ‘Human Rights’ and act ethically. Acting ethically helps you be peaceful and live your life king size with no hassles. Even if you are an illeterate, try knowing it from some educated people on what to do and what not do. Take control over that stupid management due to which the reputation of the property is being drowned. Management shouldn’t be taking control over the owners and vice versa either – rather if there is a mutual ethical thinking between both parties, it would be a great society.


  • To the RT’s Management – stop being like a weirdos and behave well with people, no matter an owner or a tenant. Else you will have to pay for it soon or later.
  • To the Public, inquire at hundred places about the property you are going to buy, rather than blindly buying it looking at the outer look. You will run into a lot of unwanted problems in future if you do not take care of such inquiries before deciding to purchase any property.

Take care, Be careful and Haffun!!


PS: The picture is not mine & took randomly over web. I do not intend any plagiarism here please!!

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5 thoughts

  1. One more thing, I used to get Rs. 1,500/- per month as electricity bill. Now at my new place, for same stuff, same utilization, I’m getting Rs. 300/- per month. What does this mean? They are thieves :p Stealing power and other stuff criminally from all the residents possible…

  2. I know what society in Pune are you talking about here 😀
    You bet, that’s the worst one ever, recent update is there’s no water since 15 days in there, people are carrying water in buckets to whatsoever the floor they are residing at :p

  3. Hahaha…… I know abt that apartment. It is ur experience but this situation is not applicable to all Apartment of Pune. 🙂

  4. Also, forgot to mention, the monthly electricity bills comes over too high than usual. I guess electricity is being misused by someone (who has access to everyone’s meters) for lights in the lawn. Else for basic utilities where will we get Rs. 2,000/- per month?? I don’t believe it will be industrial rates applied to society – No way!

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