Needles That Puncture – Belonephobia!

Needles That Puncture – Belonephobia!

Imagine, you have an appointment for an acupuncture, the Chinese hag says “20 minutes” all you do is, stare the clock. You feel the time is just tickling slow, too slow, for no reason.

You feel the needles of acupressure are far kind to you than the needles of a clock. These 3 needles which have no mercy, pricks and punctures us all, pokes our ass, every time it ticks. 

It sits on our wrist, on our mobile screen, on the wall, even on the corner of our laptop screen, silently waiting to seize an opportunity to turn the brain blue.


Time Limit, Schedule, Target, Achievement and much more, it just sarcastically grins while making our life miserable, by forcing itself into every plans we make and every moment we spend. It pokes you, punctures you and drains you but, THAT still keeps ticking.

My friend suggested me to meditate for “an hour” a day, I was like “Come on!” even there, you let time rule.

It haunts you so bad, that, it makes you surrender and allow it to poke you even bad.

You try to ignore a minute, an hour!, a day?! a month??!, it just hunts you down. You see your parents on your neck, you boss kicking your balls, your kids strangling your hair, and TIME finds all this entertaining having “a Citrus Salad with Parmesan topping”.

Finally I just tried to run away, Away from all these, some where peaceful and where there is no TIME involved, I ran, ran afar, very far, kept running. I don’t know the distance I ran.


Someone said “Distance Is Directly Proportional To TIME” !!@*$*!!!
Returned back home, looked at the clock and prepared myself to get punctured.

PS: The images used in this post are taken over from web randomly and I do not own them.

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