Who’s The Black-Sheep??

Who’s The Black-Sheep??


It was a pandemonium that afternoon, I was 11, just imagine, a class of uncontrollable mischievous brats yelling and pelting paper balls at each other.

Suddenly, every kid’s nightmare walks in. “A strict, unforgivable teacher who spares none. “Who started it?”, yelled the beast. The class paused, a long pause it was. She remained silent too, wonder what was running in her mind.

Unexpectedly, the teacher beamed a divine smile. A thunder struck on each pupil in the class, ‘this never happened before!’. The teacher was too polite to be true, to forgive. The class still remained silent, ‘OK! Who was it?, who started?’, she asked smiling. Come on, we are kids, but not fools, we knew what’s next, ‘Yeah! you are right, like we are gonna accept what we did and book a ticket to hell’. She immediately understood that we were not ready to fall for this trick every time.


Back to her original self, started to yell, “If you come out clean, I will NOT PUNISH”, she continued “TRUST ME!”. The clever ones thought, ‘TRUST YOU? Yeah Right!’ the sustenance of silence curbed her. “If you are HONEST and accept what you did, you can mentor the class”, the kids stared at each other thinking ‘A nice offer, but I wouldn’t risk’. She tried more as this situation was challenging her skill to make us puke the TRUTH . She made an offer after that and then another. The unity amongst the kids and determination started to deteriorate.

As ever, there was this IDIOT who stood up, trying to prove his HONESTY, who actually had no participation in the havoc that led to this situation, got carried away by the offers she made, stood up, he just said “Ma’am, Sorry, I did it”. That was the end of it. HONESTY had its price. She asked him to follow her to the atrium and all we could hear was that poor guy yell in pain.

This happened when we were kids, well what if the same happens in your office? You think its INSANE? FUNNY? IMPOSSIBLE? You maybe wrong!

A newly hired Manager of a certain highest tier, invites all the team(s) under him for a meeting. To make his strictness, managerial skills noticeable and evident to all, he uses his OLD-SKOOL tricks on mature grown-ups, he starts with a comment “Who is the BLACK-SHEEP?” trying to scare all those assembled there. Guess what? This was a question with a warning to proven ‘professionals’. A few chuckled, the rest doubted his professionalism and standards.

A warning to those who were in a confused state of what-to and how-to adapt the changes that awaited them and to START with a NOTE like ‘THAT!’ was so encouraging that we couldn’t control our laughter, more like a stand-up comedy it was.

A team which works like a well-oiled machine was criticized by him, when argued, he sticks to his comment, slightly altering the statement, “It indeed is a ‘well-oiled-machine’, but still the choice of oil could have been better”.

'I don't understand. I haven't done anything to encourage them...'
‘I don’t understand. I haven’t done anything to encourage them…’

Should one judge this as a good managerial skills? ‘OR’ the person has gone uncontrollably insane, as he’s placed in a position, more than one deserves.





Whatsoever, but he’s now the Shepherd, of sheep of all kinds. Though he wouldn’t stop spotting the black-sheep in the herd, scraping their wool off, the rest of us have much better goals to achieve.

scraping wool


PS: The image(s) used in this post are taken over from Web randomly, I do not own them.

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