Blind Celebration…

Hello Folks,

First of all, my heartfelt wishes for to you & your family, friends a very happy & delighful New Year 2012 ­čÖé

Well, at times we celebrate something without even knowing the history/ reason behind it. And we forget celebrating/ performing something which is needed to be done in our lifetime. Why?

For example, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, which became so freaking famous since a while. Do we know what is that and why is that celebrated? I mean, in my view, Valentine’s day is just the death day of one of the known saints and we celebrate it as something else. I mean, OK, few things are passed on to us from other countries, they are fun and we enjoy them, fine! But why are we forgetting our own tradition and culture?

How many of us are performing ‘Samskaras‘, which are to be performed for our forefathers at least once in every year? Not performing them even when we can and we have to, is something which bounces back to us in some or the other form. I mean there are many festivals in India that went extinct now. Why? Because we didn’t like them? Or we don’t remember them? Or we got so busy with this mechanical lives that we do not have time for them? Or do we think they are boring? Or are they old fashioned? If that’s the case, we are celebrating something which aren’t originated from India or doesn’t have their roots belong to India.

Hmmm… Just thought of it, not to offend anyone, nor to be a racist. Think of it, you would agree with me at least up to some extent ­čÖé

Cheers & Haffun!!

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