Brothels Ahead, Spare The Innocent!!

Brothels: An Antidote For RAPE!

World’s oldest profession, ‘Prostitution‘ (William Josephus Robinson), is now illegal, why? Prostitution was made illegal in the late 20th century. Many countries around the globe felt that ‘SEX FOR SALE‘ was not appetizing as it seemed due to the increasing rate of STDs, VD and HIV.


Did the government think over, that pulling Brothels to an END was only going to cause more problems? Rapid hike in the number of rapes, multiple partners and most of all – Kids being targeted for sex from the age 2 and above. Who cares if such guys get STDs, VD or HIV? Why don’t we just guide them to their place where they deserve to be?
If there would be any concern about the Public, I wouldn’t think twice to protect babies from being molested. We need to make a decision now! a quick one!!

Laws N Loops



We haven’t achieved anything by making prostitution illegal, things are the same as before, we know there are sex workers and we know there are people who seek them. LOVE never makes one BLIND but ITCH Does!





The difference is that a blind man cannot see the World and an ‘ITCH-blind man’ never see what’s going to happen to the future of these kids and girls. He can never see the pain One undergoes. When he can live in this society, why is Section 377 considered a criminal act?



Orientation of a rapist has worsen the situation, targeting kids and adults of both sex. A man with lust, ends up killing the innocent, by the fear of being punished and for which again law has loops, ready. This is the society we fear and try to make space for self to bond amongst clan. When such rapists are let live by law, proving its unworthiness to trust on, we must let nature do the Justice. All these can think only about FUN irrespective of source they achieve it from and hence brothels are the only place where their “life is sentenced”.

Government has an answer: In the welfare of Public Health & Wealth.

pic2Really? He who doesn’t care about his health!, who are we to care?, and why worry where he drains all his wealth. One question I do though have: Are you really worried for a rapist? Are you not worried about the future of our Country (the “Kids and Youth”) being brutally raped? Was the Government successful in putting an end to Prostitution anyway? I still don’t understand why has brothels been banned? A place to satisfy their libido is all these rapists need and if that can keep them away from the innocent, there is nothing wrong if the government fix sign boards for brothels. If law and enforcement can’t protect the innocent, we should let the situation handle by the “SPECIALISTS”. If fun is all they want, may be we should let ‘fun’ charge its price.


If SEX can’t be a Profession, then why is there SEX in Profession? Giving it fancy names – casting couch, promotional cruise, boss bond… 😉 (sigh). These names doesn’t make them legal. But don’t you think they still exist? If I were a parent, I would worry more about my child rather than care about the health and wealth of a ‘cunt’. What would you do? Question yourself….

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