Same Shit Different Day…

My Life… had been so tough starting from my childhood… Happiness wasn’t good enough for me… I didn’t even get what a child deserves… My search for affection & happiness started when I was 15 y/o. Been through many stages of life for quenching my thirst.. Those scary nights when I struggled to be with someone but had to be alone…. those solitary days, when I needed someone to lean on throwing out my sorrows but remained helpless… those speculative situations, which bewildered all my dreams I dreamt of about my life… uuffff… the list goes immeasurably unending…

Have seen more Ups and Downs, no stable life to make me feel worth to exist.. It’s always the equilibrium between personal & professional lives which rules us. I’ve seen the best and the worse forms of both, made me stronger though, but at times makes me feel very disappointed thinking that I haven’t known the meaning of my life yet, properly..

I’ve freed myself from all the rules & restrictions, lead my life in my own so far. I’m very happy in one way now. In an other perspective, still struggling to achieve something. Life, one though, yet lets us experience multiple phases – due to which some goes mentally stronger and some….. depressed… I’m happy that I’m not kind of pessimistic guy, but the phases I’m going through, in a cyclic fashion, makes me feel uncomfortable at times.

Very happy at an instance and immediately followed by surprises… That’s why, when I’m happy, I won’t be over excited and when I’m down, I won’t be pessimistic either…. I just think for a while why it’s happening, which gives me a hint on do’s & don’ts related to my path way….

The phases of Life are cyclic, at least as per my experience so far. One has to be prepared to face ’em. The cycle of Life is just like a shit, which would be the same always, but on a different day

Cheers 🙂

Someone defined Life as in the picture. How realistic. Ain’t it?






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