How sick would it be to lead a dependable life? Dependability isn’t bad; It’s good at times, and equivalently bad at some other aspects of life.

We might have so many friends whom we call ‘good’ friends. But there will be very few out of those ‘many’ who will help us when we are in a real need, even before we ask for any help. Not sure why we always go beyond things/ people whom we like and ignore/ give less priority to them who likes us. Is it being human? Well, it’s just the explanation we give after all happens.

I personally don’t like to live a dependable life. But circumstances may lead us to take help/ support from others to keep up the optimistic views alive. We will be surprised when we get to know the real nature of those so called friends who backs off when we need them. Subsequently, we will be surprised as well when we get support from whom we never would have expected., yet keeping our self-respect alive. I don’t know whether my phrases or sentences makes sense, but I know for sure at some or the other time, you would know what I’m talking about – when you happen to face that situation.

Life changes minute-by-minute. I thought attitude never changes, but behaviour does. In fact, attitude does change as well depending on under what circumstances we are bought up and under what circumstances we are living now, when both are mutually exclusive.

How good it would be when we would always be happy, with a balanced personal & professional life. We can’t be happy when either one or both of them goes down. Under those circumstances, we will be forced to believe few things which we never would have believed till that point. Nevertheless, a worth companion does makes our lives easy even under those stressful situations/ phases of life. It’s not easy to get that kind of friend/ companion as we talk about it. But once we get that person, our lives will be under control, no matter what worse situation we are in.

How many of us would have got such kind of people around who actually wishes to share our sorrows/ tough times? I believe significantly very few of us would have. There will be an end to every obstacle in life. We just need to keep our spirits high and work on it. I’m thankful to all of ’em who supported/ supporting me even in my tough times either.

I don’t know why I keep writing such things which may sound crap to few people. But to be honest, this way I puke out ma heart, I feel very relaxed. Thanks to this ‘blogging’ concept 😉

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