Silent Cries Of Laughter

Silent Cries Of Laughter


I knew a girl, who never cared. She never hits a gym, no diet or rules that could encapsulate her body into an apparel . She believed in living life to the fullest, may it be stretching a dress until its torn, or having a chicken bucket with extra crisp layers.

She always wanted to hand around with guys, convincing herself that all the other girls were mean. She had to lie that she loved to be obese.

Teenage girls of our college were so conscious about their figure, she behaved as if she never cared, “What’s Life? When you can’t Enjoy she said. She always had a reason to defend not herself but the fat she carried.

When girls talk about D-cups and C-cups, she said “I have 5-bowls, 3 huge cups and the rest, I don’t even know what they are” and giggled, making fun of herself, thinking she could make others stop doing it.

Everyone made fun of her,”Wonder how many built men would they need, to carry her coffin if she dies“, “it surely, will break open at the bottom” said another, all laughed, and even she did.

All I would see was a broken girl inside dying to look beautiful. I wonder how many times and days would she have cried in her room!?!


She wanted someone to fix her, someone who could recognize her and love her. I remember once she cried, “All the girls have a nice figure, they talk about cups, what can I talk about? Bowls of fat? I wanna die! I so wanna die!, I am good by heart but no one wants that, i will die and become an angel….. You know what?, even if I become an angel, I would be a fat ugly angel.” and laughed. But I would understand that she was pulling back all her self respect she had for herself back by laughing at herself. Putting herself in a funnier place wasn’t going make the situation any better.

She wanted some magic, a spell or something that can make her one of the desirable. She and I, we both knew she was never gonna get it, but, something in her was hoping still.

I always convinced her saying, she looked beautiful. But, all she wanted was to die when someone actually meant when he said “You are really beautiful“, before he changes his mind.

~~ This is a guest post by V.

PS: The images used in this post are taken over from web randomly and I do not own them.

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