Decor Revolution

Decor Revolution!!


Offices, hotels, restaurants and a few other business nodes sought refuge of Interior Decor to attract customers and overwhelm them with a fancy welcome and a cozy invite.


Recently its accepted widely that Interior Decor for homes to make them more cozy and interesting, Interior Designers have played an important role booming up the statistics against all other business stations that have used Interior Decor making Indian homes the most that have contributed to the Decor Revolution in the country.


A recent survey says most educated and the young blood that revolts the old methods are those who render inspiration to designers to stick to this profession, fueling up their passion, though there are one too many categories of Art the Interior Designing has given birth to, the designers who impregnate them delivering beautiful pieces, when combined is no less than a dream.

People can’t wait to return back home designed for them and them only which creates sense of belonging. The things they wanted, things they dreamt of, things which actually brought their comfy levels to their reach, things that make them forget all the hard work & stress, things they are proud of and could boast to the guests who arrive at their door. All these fill in flavors in a juice less Lifestyle.


Murals that seem real and invite with very less words, Sculptures that take them to an entirely different era, Decorative that bridge us from a hectic schedule to a wonderland, Paintings from which we can’t dodge our gaze while having a drink, Colorful Interiors that refreshes & reminds us of all those candies we loved!



Its Nostalgic.

After all “Satisfying the Self, Satisfies All Our Urges”!!


PS: The images used in this post are taken from Web randomly & I do not own them!!

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