What actually is this phase of life about? Many say many definitions about it. To make it simple, can we say it is the stage where we lack our confidence in whatever we do? Yes, I believe so. We lack confidence in ourselves, become very pessimistic in one’s self. Reasons could be many – prolongated wait – waiting for something to happen but if it doesn’t happen soon, we go depressed and hence lacking confidence in ourselves.

Someone told me – we pray God to grant our wishes to happen. We wait putting all our efforts to make ’em happen. He said God grants us some soon, some later and some after our lives. After life things can be understood and no point in planning for them. But the things which we seek during our life will happen, but have to ‘wait’. In this process, even if we put our efforts, we won’t get what we want immediately – which may lead to this depression.

We really can’t have control over getting depressed. Many say be optimistic, think positive etc etc. But it’s not that easy as it’s told or it’s not which we can do it forcibly. It’s the mental game of one’s self which is dependent on the circumstances one goes through in his/her life.

I would say we being depressed isn’t a big deal – after all that’s our mental capability of taking things/ facing obstacles. One may be very strong and another may be very weak to face the circumstances. Truly individual though. But, when someone else realizes that we are depressed and tries giving the necessary support for us to overcome such phase of life – is someone like a God to us. Things will happen, may be soon or later, but these kind of people makes our lives easy even when we are going through the toughest phases of life.

If we have at least one such kind, we are lucky. We just need to recognize them, who will be just around us and yet we fail to understand them properly… unfortunately…


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