Faker eBusiness “LEATHEROLIC.COM” !!!


PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYITHING FROM “LEATHEROLIC.COM” – This is a FAKE/ Bogus Site, a Faker, who sends you some cheap products other than what you actually order from their site. I do have all the email conversations as proofs against this complaint. So, they can’t dare question me posting here!

I was checking for some nice leather jackets online and found few sites which seels real nice jackets. FInally I liked on on leathericon.com (US) but the rate was too high. Later checked leatherolic.com (Pakisthan), it was offering a decent discount, with same images of the jacket as on the prior site. I thought it will be same product and decided to go with the later as it was a little cheaper.

On that site, while I was placing an order, I clearly stated: I need hocolate brown as I liked that color. Obviously they will display it online when they will have the stock. Else they shouldn’t/ won’t have kept that option if that’s not available. The size I selected was “S”

They took the order, deducted funds from my card. I thought they will ship it soon, but they took 20 days to just ship it. WTF!!

Finally after a month, I received the jacket and was shocked. That was not Chocolate brown, but the black one. The size was not “S” but “XL” – what the hell???? They deduct the money and later send unwanted stuff ???

I asked them for “Return/ Refunds”, and they denied!!! Reason – no reason. You can still see the jacked displayed online as brown, not black. And they send irrelevantly when ordered.

Now, what will I do with an XL jacket and a black color which I don’t want? I had to get it altered in India again, per my size by paying a big amount again!!!

Instead of taking it back, they were offering 10% discount. 15 days past, no discounted funds received. Followed up after 15 days, they said sorry and said this time I get 20% discount. 15 days past, no dicounted funds received!! Followed up, they said this time 50%!! And now it’s a month that I didn’t hear anything from them – no responses to emails.

WTF do they think of themselves and/ or about the people? Do they think people around will get easily fooled by you??
I told them very clearly that I will not be calm until I get justification from them for how they cheated me and compensation for the mental harassment they have given me all these days..
I mean how can one FAKE another site and do the business? They already lost so many customers through me – I myself did stop my friends to order from that FAKE site and I still will do wherever possible. They just faked the other web site www.leathericon.com and fooling people like this, showing fake pictures over web and by showing less prices just to attract people and later fool them like they’ve fooled me.

This fake company’s contact details:
Company Name: Leatherolic.com
Contact email:  info@leatherolic.com
COntact Person: Fahim
Country: Pakisthan
Phone#  +92 3336879798
Address: Leatherolic.com, SRA, Colony Multan, Pakisthan.

Be very careful while shopping online, these fakers/ cheapsters will loot you like anything! Check some reviews/ complaints about the vendor you are going to buy an item(s), that may help you understand that vendor!


PS: The image used in this post is taken over web & I do not own it!

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