Tears Of A Helpless Girl, Rich In Fats!

Tears Of A Helpless Girl, Rich In Fats!

It was a busy Pizzeria, I was constantly being pestered by my friend for some health advice. After sometime I tried to ignore, by which she was badly hurt, (Not again!), she started sobbing.

1Here it starts again, God! Anything but this please‘. She started narrating the insults and mocks of the week in her class that made her cry. “Everyone laughs at me! Cause am Fat!!!, I did not ask for this, I am just opted by Obesity” – She kept crying.

I had to pacify her, “Come on, everyone’s watching us!”, but that didn’t stop her, Come on!, I should be the one crying for my weekends being ruined, okay, I have to do this now, lie, “No Sweets, you aren’t that fat!”.

Then she objects as expected, “No, I am!”, apparently she was.  Indeed,  me and people giggling around us could see the image exceed the limits of their eyes. Yet, can I say the truth?, I wouldn’t dare to, “Babes, You are not, maybe you are just a little grown up a bit more, but that’s appropriate for your height, but you still got the curves, Bebo”.

What do you think? Would that convince her?

“You are just trying to make me feel good, whatever you say isn’t gonna stop people laugh at me”. Now that’s all I could bear.

I wanted to shout aloud, ‘Yes you are fat, you are gonna explode, I can see your clothes cry and you call it sweat? You bitch, can never donate blood but can pump out fat, bags together, your neck is buried in your shoulders, you have tyres more than my car. If I were your foreleg, I would have committed suicide then to carry your ass and tummy, your gown returned back from laundry with a note that said, “We don’t wash circus tents”, if you came down home I would be happy to welcome you both. ‘Oh God! am not done yet’


An interruption, ‘OMG! She’s crying‘, then I tried to divert the topic, but the douche bag traces a way back in. Fine, after a prolonged conversation, health advice, diet plan, work out regime, what to eat, what not to eat, fat burning techniques, what kinda clothes suit her the best, how to remain inspired all the way during weight-loss and much more;

The waiter arrives, “Your order please..”, he asks. A diet coke I order and look at her to see what’s running in her mind or if anything has changed her, she shocks me “A 3 cheese Pizza with extra cheese topping, French fries, butter chicken and a DIET Coke as he ordered, that’s it for now, thanks!” he just leaves our table, she looks at me and asks, “Isn’t he hot? this makes me wanna order more  oh! my!! gosh!!!” 

Really? Is that all the difference it made?????????????????? Eventually a DIET COKE did, thanx for that!, now that I had to say something, ENCOURAGING, my ass, “well, that’s a start!”, ‘Now stop dribbling, fat chick, he’s never gonna see you! and your drool is thicker than cheese…..’

~ This is a guest post by VRIKSH!

PS: The picture(s) in this post are taken randomly over the Web and I do not own them.

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