Corporate Jargons – FYI!

Usage of most frequently used Corporate Jargons

Well, you all are aware of these jargons, usually used while forwarding the content!

FYIFor Your Information / FYP – For Your Perusal

FYI&A – For Your Information & Action / FYP&A – For Your Perusal & Action  

How could these be represented otherwise in an email?

  • If you are in the ‘TO‘ list, which means ‘FYI&A’ or ‘FYI&P’ – that is for your information; and a Must action from you is expected.
  • If you are in the ‘CC‘ (Carbon Copy) list, which means ‘FYI’ or ‘FYP’ – that is for your information; a Probable or No action is expected from you (in cases when TO people are not available or other such cases)
  • If you are in the ‘BCC‘ (Blind Carbon Copy) list, which means ‘FYI‘ or ‘FYP’ – that is just for your information; and No action is expected from you.

At times, it could cause confusion when it comes to a mass communication, where BCC is used even when it’s an FYI&A. It is used to avoid accidental/ intentional ‘Reply to All‘ responses; or to send the message without any of the other recipients knowing.

PS: Personal email criteria could mean different – BCC is used to keep the privacy of people from each other while mass communicating (above 50 members).


***** Another key point which I’m sure few people may have taken it otherwise – a Misconception about corporate ‘Escalation’process. If someone sends you an email, copying your Supervisor/ Manager, and asks about the status of the assigned task – that may sound an escalation. In fact, it may not necessarily mean an escalation.

Most of the times, someone (a Manager/ supervisor/ whomever) is copied (CC’d) with an intention to seek back up & save on time, in case if TO is/ are not available or may even to keep CC people in loop, informed about the request/ status.

The copied person could be able to help him/ her regarding the request. Hence, we don’t have to get offended in such cases and analyze the situation, act accordingly.

PSPicture is irrelevant, just a mind diversion 🙂

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