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Laughs & Gags. Well, there was some team activity that was held recently. Thought of sharing this, and try to tickle your laughs out 😛 I thought if you are the one struggling to act on a corporate activity, this approach maybe helpful.

We were asked to form teams and perform an activity, that attracts everyone’s attention. We didn’t know where to start with and how to, so decided to involve everyone around and make the event interactive, yet funny.



To make the activity interesting & inviting, we’ve planned to conduct a funny ‘mini-survey’, which would be purely based on an individual’s thoughts/ feelings/ experiences. Based on the responses we receive from all around, there would be something more interesting stuff published called Gag-O-Meter [most funny response(s) with smileys etc].

Below is the Questionnaire that we came up with, with multi-options. People were asked to opt one, which they thought was the best option.


We tried to keep the questions fun filled & as realistic as possible. Our intention wasn’t to point out anyone or anything personally, nor to offend anyone – but truly fun, gags.

Few rules to be followed were:

  • One needs to pick only one option; & pick whichever hits his/ her mind the first thing after reading the question, genuinely 🙂 The options may have a hidden meaning than what they sound like, so they don’t have to pick an option randomly :p
  • Option ‘D’ was open for people to write in their own responses, which sounds more funny and realistic; Or they may leave it blank. It adds up more fun if people state their own phrases if Option ‘D’ is selected, which serves feed into other funny statistics. We made an announcement that the best of comments made under Option ‘D’ will be published to all.
  • We’ve also made a statement to ignore any question(s)/ the questionnaire if anyone is not comfortable with; Or they can even select Option ‘D’ in such cases; as this is purely for fun, fun & fun; and not to hurt/ impact anyone’s feelings functionally/ personally/ intentionally.

OK, enough of dragging, here are the questions that we used for this activity 🙂 I know, these images are too very small to read their content, please click on them – if it is IE that you are using, go to ‘View’ tab on the file menu, Click ‘Zoom’ select ‘200%’. It should show you the image clearly. Don’ forget to set the zoom back to ‘100%’, else your IE always displays content in ‘200%’ (or whichever you selected).  Q1






















Q5Alright, there were only about 30% of people who responded – maybe others didn’t have time for fun at office; or they don’t like to have fun at all; or they were pretending to be too very busy that they couldn’t spend a few minutes for this activity; or they didn’t even understand the jargon used in the questionnaire (Seriously, I felt being in a fools’ town :p)

OK, we got responses, what’s next? Well, we didn’t plan what to do next 😛 We decided to make some funny interpretations out of those responses and have then circulated. Sample ones are here:



 Hope this is rib-tickling. We could have done it more better, but that’s OK. Hope you will make use of this concept and make it even more better 🙂

PS: I do not own few picture(s) used in this post; took them over web randomly.

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