All That Glitters Ain’t Gold…

Ever heard of ‘Insanity’ in the professional world?

One of the third grade company I’ve ever seen in my life so far. People say “What’s there in a Name”… Truely said…. But I’ve got trapped with that name itself… LOL.. A company which claims it has all the Knowledge Force, but up on my experience, that’s an unethical, cheap standards company which only ‘forces’ people to believe it’s a good company. Located in US, claiming that they have great people and they always will have great results, and a billion dollar company. LOL. Yea, a billion dollar company with no ethics. No company/ Org. will grow if it doesn’t follow ‘ETHICS’….. & so the people… I wonder everyone in that company are unethical or just that cheap sample whom I’ve faced… At times, a small sample can imply the whole body’s nature…

Everyone can be Legal, but these kind of third grade companies can not be ‘Ethical’ and for sure, sometime it goes pathetically down if it doesn’t follow ethics.

Here’s the story – I was with one company when I entered USA. Everything was going good, but slow. That was the time when this brutal company came in and approached me with all the false and cheap (which I realized later) things and let me join them, leaving my company. I transfered my VISA and started working with them. That’s what was the sickest decision I’ve ever made in my life. As an employer, one should help an enployee to over come the tough times they are facing. If can’t help much, act professional. But no. This company sent me a termination letter immediately after getting to know that my current project is completed and I’m on bench, instead of holding me and placing me somewhere else. Not even a day notice period has been given to me where at least 15 days notice is required for an individual to work on that situation and look for alternatives.

I realized later that this cheapster company took me ONLY because I’d a job in hand even in that tough recession time and wanted to make money out of me.

Of course I’m in a good situation now with another great company, but just wondering why did I take such a cheap decision to join this company. Nevertheless, it was a lesson for me, a very great lesson. I would never take any steps without prior research and thinking.

This may sound stereotypic as it’s my own individual experience and opinion about that
company. But I’m sure there will be many who have become victims with this company’s traps.
With such people one can hardly do anything, except repenting for trusting them. They will be unethical as always, no matter what happens to an individual.

I haven’t mentioned the company’s name though, because I’m Ethical enough. But anyway, right people will definitely know whom I’m talking about, people who are victims of that company or might have affected in some or the other way. 😉

Finally, No big deal in being Legal. Being Ethincal is what one (as an individual or as an organization) has to be.

Be careful in taking any step regarding your career. These kind of cheapsters will come in between, diverting your minds. Mind you, All that glitters is not gold…

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