Is GOD Artistic Or Autistic?

Is GOD Artistic Or Autistic?

One who’s an atheist thinks the problems he’s been facing is because “he doesn’t believe in God“. A theist thinks why are problems targeting people who believe in God so much.

So many religions, all around the world, says “God! bestows wrath when people forget Him“. But those who believe Him thinks He’s totally forgotten them. Instead, theists think, God is so busy that we mean nothing to Him. He’s got ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).



A person who visits the holy place, returns home to see a problems or expenditures to be settled. A middle class woman, grabs her purse tight in a crowd, in which she has not much money but lot of lucky charms.


A person ready to give away any riches he possess just for the sake of God, realizes that his family isn’t happy with him or any reason.

A poor man divides his money for his breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day, but visits a temple unexpectedly, drops a few coins eventually to God and stands in a queue for free food distributed or sleeps half stomach.

A person who trusts so much in God, for his problems to be solved remains unanswered.1

All that who completely surrender to Him, remain as unanswered tragedy, perpetually, “Thank you for blessing me with all the agony possible, but still I trust you!“, says.



There is no cure for His mental illness, there was none before, or never in future. Cries and pleads can’t move His heart easily. Its ADHD combined with Autism that has had Him busy in His own world, we have to enter His, as ours is an illusion to the One who created it.





As this is one of the symptoms of Autism where everything around Him seems so unreal or illusional, but His world or realm seems real. Whereas His realm or world which not many have seen except Him could seem illusional, to those who live in this very world of reality. Which one’s real and which one’s illusional?



CONFUSED?? Don’t worry, you are now understanding Autism, in fact understanding God!!


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2 thoughts

  1. for me, God is simply beyond my comprehension
    love your verification question instead of all those illegible letters to put in
    will try some of your tips

  2. I think every Christian feels this way at some point in their earthbound journey. I used to have an overwhelming fear of dying, to the point of panic attacks when thinking of it, until I actually did and experienced the amazing confirmation of His existence. Now I have no fear, rather an expectancy and longing for what’s next.
    Present day, I’m in the questioning zone. Not of my faith but of the why; why is this happening? How much more can I take? And yet I never say “Are You really there?”, ’cause I know that answer.
    I don’t know why I’m under attack, just that I am. I do know that God will take me through it.
    Good article and thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    Blessings, Terri

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