“Help!”, I’m Scared (Paradox)!!


Of late, I won a few movie vouchers in a creative – workshop, which could be used only in the cinema hall mentioned. So, planned a day out, along with a friend of mine before it could reach its expiry.

We went to the mall, traded the vouchers in the counter for movie tickets. We realized we are left with a voucher extra, which should be used within a week’s time.



We decided to ‘give it away‘ to someone in the queue behind us, that we felt was more functional than to throw it away or have it unused for the benefit of none, hence  after fetching our tickets we glanced back to see if someone really needed it.



We then observed a person who was counting her money from the wallet very carefully, we then approached the same and offered the voucher we had, saying –Ma’am, would you wanna use this voucher?, instantly we noticed that the person was scared by our move,No thanks, I can’t buy this from you! said she. ‘Well that was spontaneous!!’ – We thought to ourselves looking at each other not knowing how to react. We then said –Ma’am, we need no money!”, a sigh of relief from her we noticed, slowly peace and joy dwelt back on her face that she was now unable to express.

She slowly extended her hand to collect the voucher and asked –But why are you giving it to me? <<Sigh>>! We had to explain her the whole story 😀 Next question followed How can this be used? – We asked her to trade this for the same amount of currency that the voucher was valid for and she had to use cash in case of shortage.


One thing that I learnt that very day, is that, in days of today people are scared to ask for & to render help, gone are those days when society meant, “Living For Each Other”, it can now not be called a ‘society’, but an ‘urbanized pack of self-centered freaks syndrome’.

Where are we now placed?’ is my question; Is ‘humanity‘ scarier than “the law of the jungle”?

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PS: The pictures used in this post are taken randomly over the Web and I do NOT own them.

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  1. cute narration…loved it!
    well its something we hardly notice. but, nice that you observe the changes among people around and in the society…
    i liked it, intresting…
    expect more, keep up the goodwork BRO

  2. Great article …Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.

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