Underlining The Ungrounded (Highlight)!!

Highlight, Just encountered this highly intolerable behavior from one of my stakeholders, thought I should share with the world and seek voting to know where actually the world thinks the problem is. I just feel this behavior is out of the so called “Ego” taking the ‘Organizational Hierarchy’ into consideration. Obviously, if someone from a junior level in the hierarchy points out that person is just pushing things on others where that person holds the actual responsibility, he/ she will feel something (I don’t know what to call it :p), get offended and start taunting people who raised the concern.

Here I’m trying to underline the ungrounded & the unacceptable behaviour from one of the responsible people around!

Well, if you are the person who accepts your mistakes and takes responsibility of what has happened, you are ‘Great’! There is a saying; One should have balls to say “I Don’t Know”; Rather people start going around the bushes with an elaborated timelines just because they don’t wanna say “I Don’t Know”.

Just a brief background on the people who are involved in this scenario:

  • File/ process owner(s) who are responsible for sending out the updated information.
  • Team1 – Automated – Responsible for sharing the updated files, if any, from senders to other parties at their respective designated servers – with a belief in the file owners that they hold the responsibility of sending the updates when there are any.
  • Team2 – Automated – Loads the files when there are any updated files; or keeps loading the files into their database that exist at their server location independent of when they are updated – hoping that file owners will send the updated files if there are any updates.
  • Team3 – Automated – Loads the updated files to their database. Even when there are no updates, their process keeps loading the same existing files – again these people are just concerned about the content and will be with a hope that the files will be updated when needed.
  • Team4 – Responsible for loading their database, taking the extract from the database updated in point 4 above. These are the people who will come to know whether or not the data is up-to-date or not, because they frequently see the data from the front end to perform their day-to-day actions. Unless this team complains on anything, no one in the point 2 through point 5 knows that the files are out dated.

 Of late, it’s so happened that on Day1, Team4 came to know that there are some missing records which have to be included in the database ASAP, contacted Team1 for fixing the issue. Upon some R&D, Team1 figured out that the files are not updated since a year!!

Team1 contacted the file owner to know what has happened that the process of updating the files at their end has been gone through cunctation.

I was shocked by seeing the file owner’s response –

  • On Day2, they said they are not aware of that file nor about the process that creates those files.
  • Day3, they said they found of a job/ program but it was stopped a year ago.
  • Day4, they said it was stopped a year ago, hinting that that was due to the concerned person left the company.
  • Day5, they said they can schedule the job and asked Team1 ‘when’ to schedule that job.
  • Day6, when some other person came in between to help with networking issues, they said “We don’t think we are in any hurry until…… another year when it is noticed again.   Seriously.  No hurry

Well, is this how they should be responding, being in the most responsible position? Or does it really worth taking that long to figure out something which falls under their own area?

I mean, what actually does that sound like? Is it like pointing out other teams that they have not reminded the file owners about sending the updated files periodically?? 

No one has to remind the file owners every time to send out the files, rather its file owners’ responsibility to send out the updates, if any, without having reminded by someone to do that.

Of course this was not an issue with anyone stated in Point2 thru Point5, but the file owners – which everyone knows. And is an issue after a year, because it is truly valid that this missing information would have been recently occurred and that was not provided to us by the file owners, which is not anyone else’s problem.


My point is when someone leaves any team/ organization, processes/ programs should still keep on executing at their scheduled intervals and should not be that person dependent – as in the processes will stop when the person leaves and no one else will take care of them. There must be proper Knowledge Transfer or Process Documentation in place, missing which all these unwanted doggones will arise. I say it’s rather the Manager’s responsibility to make sure all the processes documented by that person before he/ she leaves the company/ team. Failing which, it implies that manager is ‘not so responsible’ kind of a manager.

Finally, Team1 lead the whole scenario and have had the issue fixed voluntarily, by pushing the file owners to run their process manaully and provide the updated files.

Having said that, I request you to please vote (by writing a comment in brief) for the following question keeping yourself in someone’s shoes that falls under any team stated in Point2 through Point5:

Where do you think is root cause of this issue, who should be held responsible for this ultimately?

  • File Owners negligence about the process.
  • Team1
  • Team2
  • Team3
  • Team4

Appreciate all your time for reading my blog and to comment on the situation.


PS: Picture(s) in this post are taken randomly from web, I neither own them nor am I trying to plagiarize.

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5 thoughts

  1. I feel that there is a process gap with both File owner & Team 4 who are responsible for accuracy in data before uploading into the database..
    If the KT process followed properly this issue should have been avoided from File owner front and if proper quality check should have been there then TEAM 4 should be able identify this error…

    1. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts here. Actually I keep wondering who would have designed that system in a complex way. It could have been designed much better and with less dependency levels though. I was shocked to know Team2 has a manual process which takes over 15 days to update about 2000 records… WTH!! I mean, could have written some scripts which updates the tables automatically. OMG, weird stuff around! And if someone points that drawbacks out, the bloody ‘ego’ problems :p

  2. Very good information..thanks
    BTW Nice Blog 🙂

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  3. Mayura, thanks for sharing your views on this. Lemme tell you this, other parties doesn’t have to know ‘when’ and ‘how’ the file owners should be sending the files, but ‘what’. It is truly the ownership levels that defines the roles and responsibilities. For instance, I do not need to know how their functionality works, but I definitely will be knowing what the output would be.

    Regarding your point on one person should be knowing end-to-end, I totally disagree with that, as all the teams stated here belongs to different departments, sitting at different geographical regions, managed by different directors. The only thing anyone from other parties (except file owners) would be bothered is whether the file contents are up-to-date or not, which is the file owners’ responsibility. You cannot have your system stop running the jobs because you left the company right, thats what is the issue here!

  4. Of course this is File Owners negligence about the process but there should be a person who should be knowing whole process and who should take care all process perform smoothly one end to other end.

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