STATS – Married or Abnormal?

STATS – Married or Abnormal?

At the Airport we were, waiting for a cousin whose return we awaited since long. After long hours of waiting, there he was. A totally unrecognizable person, so different from we knew. It took at least a while at the Airport to convince our granny that it was him. ‘What has America done to my grandson?’ she wondered.

Yo wassup?’, he then mumbled a few songs which we wondered if it was even English. His parents cursed America to have delivered a wrong product. On our way back, he complained about the roads, the beggars, the traffic & noisy horns, that, ‘Indians never knew when to and where to ‘honk’!’. We all were still in shock, confused, took time to process these changes that surprised us.

When returned home, he was served with his favorite foods & the dishes he loved, hoping he would enjoy! But all those were now ‘Yuck’, he described the food be had back there, he just wanted to have something tossed in olive oil, Italian or anything light! His mother heart sank!

Hoping I could break the ICE, hence asked him if he cared to watch a movie, But, to my shock, my cousin who was always more eager than me about movies, disagreed to watch any Indian movies. All the movies we watched together had no logic now, all the songs we enjoyed singing together were all outdated. His judgmental opinion of, we all being tasteless, was shocking. Now ‘I’ needed time to PROCESS. I actually thought of scheduling a DNA test to know if it was him.

There we were seated liked rejected goods of outdated category, a distant relative of ours arrived. He approached my cousin to bless & wish him but then my reluctant cousin never cared much. We made some extra space for the old man to sit. He started complaining about his son, who in his late 30s, who refuses to marry. This story of his has been re-telecasting since long, but, when my cousin asked ‘If his son was GAY?!?’, it was a sign of relief we all had, a breath of exhilaration, under the hooded jacket and Sun shades there was an INDIAN buried, struggling to get out.

This incident reminded me of how shallow are our thoughts. According to INDIANS – GAY, SINGLE, DIVORCED, ASEXUAL, SMI (Something More Important than Marriage) all fall under one category called “ABNORMAL”.

It would take a 1000 visits to America, a million thoughts of the west, to change “half an Indian”. But, again once he sets his foot, here in this country, his American rendezvous and revolutionary thoughts that had broadened this spectrum of “thinking” are all “fried shallow!” (Shallow fried 😀 ).

Never mind of how the world may change, to an Indian there are only 2 options to define a person’s life,

Question:       “So, Are You ________ ??”


Options:          O Married        O Abnormal

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