Laugh at Life!

Laugh at Life…

“Life” – This very word is the answer that confuses you for all those confusing questions you got!B1Sometimes when we are just tired of being tired, we try to give up and when we give up, we are confused about what to do next. Some say “you have your answer in front of you all the time but you don’t recognize or realize” but when you give up and have no hopes, even when the answer is in front of you, you hardly care or might feel it’s inappropriate to your situation.

You are so tired that you hardly care about yourself and yet there’s a hope or a compulsion to live. After all the struggle and renouncement, you are still confused. You feel it would have been nice if our lives were ‘operating systems’ with an option of ‘delete the history’ as its practically not possible some- delete their future!!. Lol, ROFL…

All we have to do is look at someone or compare with someone whose situation is much worse’ people advice,              but what about those who are better than us? – ‘we think’. Where is all this leading to? Again a confusion persists. ‘Well according to a famous saying- “personality begins where comparison ends” but, what we are looking for is not a personality, but a life that lets us live, not that just compels us to stay alive.


Revulsion, hatred, insult, unsatisfied, bored, bizarre and whimpering is not only in our lives, but every other person who’s sitting beside you- laughing, busy in job or in any emotional condition, will have all these in their lives. So how are we patients of a special “hyper actively depressed irritated mind syndrome?” well we all know it, but, we don’t want to accept it. A phobia towards self and the situation, a fact we hardly can digest, a truth which awaits an acknowledgment, we estimate others and guesstimate ourselves.

Finally if you are still confused, you really need to ‘self recognize’ yourself and ‘self realize’, you and your situation. If none of these help or you  still find it impossible or idiotic, as per the famous Chinese proverb: “If life never grants a chance for you to laugh, then laugh at life”.

Though am just typing in things doesn’t mean I have done it all and free from my state of perplexion, but expecting those who can accompany each other in this “voyage of search for self”.

Advices are like laxatives its easy to suggest one to consume a heavy dosage, But, when its us, we think twice. Hence cheers! Bottoms up!!

Anyways, in the end everything is a gag!!!.

Guest Post by Vriksh.

PS: Pictures used here are not mine, taken over from Web.

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  1. As awkward as this may sound, it’s actually easy to do in almost any context. When you’re getting to know a person, you simply bring up a situation where you had to break this bad news to someone in the past. All you have to say is that you weren’t sure how to handle it, as that is essentially a request for advice. Whoever you’re talking to will tell you how they’d want to be told, and should you ever need to tell them you don’t like them you’ll know exactly how to go about it. Knowing won’t remove the discomfort from the situation, but at least you can rest-assured you’re not approaching the conversation blindly.

  2. Sometimes, people tend to accept credit for their success or accomplishments but blame others when they don’t succeed or when things go wrong. In social psychology, this is termed self-serving bias. Describe a situation (without mentioning real names) in which someone engaged in self-serving bias. It could be a personal acquaintance or a public figure. Why do people engage in self-serving bias?

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