Drowned In Flooouuuoods Of Laughter!!

Laughter, ‘The’ natural therapy 🙂

This incident tumbled me down with laughter, inevitable to resist myself from sharing this.

Well, one noon at my office, decided to club a few colleagues of mine to meet outside the premises for a quick smoke. We so happened to just chin-wag about a nearest holiday destination Goa.

Well, the discussion wasn’t so interesting as it concluded nothing, but when two of my colleagues got so seriously duper into the topic and I so got to listen.

Person1 and Person2 discusses about the current weather of Goa then, which actually made me burst out in laughter.


Says Person1: Hey! I heard there’s flooouuuoods in Goa everywhere….

Says Person2: Flooouuuoods! Oh yea, I heard about it as well…

[I was wondering if flooouuuoods was some kind of a new disease spreading in Goa, seriously!!!]



Sometime later, Person1 asks Person2: I have been informed of Hurricanes in Goa.. Is it true?
Person2 Instantaneously responds: NO, I think Goa is famous for Kaju (Cashews)!!

[Oh, What was that discussion about?]

Person2, who heard this then, turns towards me in awe, sighing an expression filled with sarcasm which defined his friend’s lack of lingual knowledge!

While walking back, was still wondering what flooouuuoods meant.

After some self-brainstorming :p, tried to relate it with the weather conditions they were discussing about… discovered, it was ‘Floods’ :p Bwahahaha….. Felt pity for the phonetics & pronunciation techniques 🙂

Hope you understood this conversation !?! No? Well read it again :p

PS: Pictures are taken randomly from Web and I do not own them.

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