Leading Back To Where It Started!

Leading back to where it started!!

‘What is sexy?’ Oh! Why did I ask that?.

An advice from my friend was to wear something comfortable, there was a spontaneous objection from another, advising me to wear something less and more uncomfortable. I just gave up and let them debate over that topic to settle down with a conclusion themselves, waited , waited, waited this never seemed to end at all. Finally had to intervene and divert the flow of conversation to another topic which was something more associated, as didn’t want to give them the clue that I was bored.

“Was there any kind of fashion in the times of yore?”. I begun, ‘yes’ said one, the courtesans of India launched new trends though was not acceptable amongst the nobles of our society, yet, had their own ways of exposing, seducing, well dressed and groomed, which even dignified women envied. Now, ‘something’ was interesting!. The topic took turns and was more interactive.


Discussions on how the courtesans preserved the ancient arts of our country, without whom the arts that prevail today wouldn’t have existed, although not all the 64 Arts mentioned in Kamasutra is being transmitted to the very next age band. The courtesans are even now considered despicable as they copulated for material comforts, but without whom we wouldn’t now be proud of our state of arts.


Chaste women and courtesans were the only two types of women known to Indian men since then till now. But Indian literatures and manuscripts try to broaden the mentality of its readers.                   

“Some Indians are narrow minded but India isn’t”.        

Indian stories of women being faithful to their men and chaste are rejoiced in the society teaching the forth coming  generation to lead a decent, disease free life and have a cheerful family. But Indian texts such as “Kamasutra – the only ancient sex manual of the world and Shuka Saptati – 70 stories of how to cheat on their husbands” do exist to scare men who assault and harass their women, frightening them that women when are not respected in their own terms, can smartly outwit and cheat behind their back.

FunnyThis argument actually helped us out to understand, it was mere body that we look for and there’s something within it too called ‘mind’ which demands equal respect to both body and soul. After having a good ‘mind broadening’ session my friends decided to leave for the day, when one of them raised from his chair his pant got stuck to a sharp edge of the chair and was torn making almost everything visible, we burst out laughing pointing at his exposed private parts.

All the exercises to broaden the mind was in vain, waned in a second. After all we are still Indians try to change India, than trying to be an Indian.

Guest Post by Vriksh.

PS: The pictures used in this post are taken over Web randomly, I do not own them.

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