Life – Your Choice/ Parents’ ?

Hey Folks,

Just another thought which is haunting me since ages. I Know we should be so thankful to our parents for giving us this Life.. and we should be responsible in taking care of them…

But, what about the dreams of our lives? May it be whatever – career or anything. We just have one Life and if we don’t fulfill our dreams, what’s the use of this life? Not every time compromises makes sense….

One of their main concern being our marriage, where we are not mentally prepared for taking those responsibilities. We wanna lead our lives without hurting them… Lotsa pressures, emotional blackmail to get married (of course they think something good for us)… It’s been 3 years I’m escaping and ‘one of the reasons’ I left India is the same…

My question is, how many of you faced/ facing the same situation? How would you be handling the situation, without hurting them…?

After all, “Emotional Blackmail” will not solve our Problems at all!!

Any thoughts/ similar experiences? Appreciate your time!!!

~ Cheers


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One thought

  1. Emosanal Attyachaar…?

    Had u behaved in ur childhood, and not demanded a lot from ur Dad for every birthday and sparing him the troubles of married life and children, He would not be giving you back the medicine…:P

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