Shop Some Manners Online!

Shop Some Manners Online!

Blog Argue 2And hence there was a person of a special kind or should I say a ‘special kid‘ (Just kidding). But his sweet little talks gets me irritated and confused, if he’s innocent or ignorant. I sometimes wonder why would people carry a false image, which is heavy to plant on One’s self!Ethics2


During a conversation, he sets an example of how unprofessional a person could get. “I chose my boss!!” he says, “Yeah! You’re right!!!“. Wish everyone had this privilege 😛 😀 ‘May be its time to bed, say good night to mama‘.


Another statement was a flabbergasting one – “I don’t think twice to slap or beat up my boss!” and, “after I did I never care or give a shit!“. Perplexed if that was a warning to one or all those superiors who stood there talking to him.Ethics

The saying thus made sense, ‘Pact with your equals‘. Maybe we should tend to think twice before talking to someone.

Company’s terms and conditions made no sense to him, or may be didn’t read or couldn’t read. Come on, Get a Life! Wonder where do they fetch these idiots from, who thinks they can hit anyone, most of all, thinks people keep suckling on their thumbs when he does. I only can pity for such pack of blokes. Well am not his parent to teach him manners, nor is he a kid to be taught. It would be nice if he/she could show people ‘where he/she comes from‘ is a better place.


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