GOD Has No Mercy!

GOD Has No Mercy!

It so happened once that people forgot God completely and there was famine, plague, injustice everywhere. So people prayed to lord Shiva to sort this problem. Hence He advices Nandi to go down to Earth and deliver a message, Eat a Day and Starve a Fortnight to wash  your sins away.

Nandi was happy and overwhelmed that finally people of Earth were saved, runs down with great pace and says Eat a Fortnight and Starve a Day to wash away your sins. When Nandi returns back, Shiva reminds him of delivering a wrong message, and hence forth, curses, People shall now on complain to you, as you are responsible for the mistake you have committed, never will I lend my ears but you shall, that is why people complain about their problems in Nandi’s ears. This is how Fasting was given rise in Indian culture.1UPAVASAH – Upavasah literally means upa – close to, vasareside, which means reside close to God, either mentally, physically or deed-fully. But a clan of devotees have their own fasting strategies yet calling it UPAVASAH!

The first question my friend asks when she observes fasting is What can I eat?. Another few What all should I avoid eating?. A few have a different diet plan – Avoid Rice, Garlic, Onions and Salt, the rest of which is left is all EDIBLE!



“Anything which doesn’t have these is edible? Incredible!!”. My paternal aunt used to order a lots of sweets from a sweet shop beside her house, her reason was that, those sweets kept her intact till sunset, as once the sun sets, the fasting was over. Phewwwww!!

Have you heard of a diet regime? For Fasting? Well I have!

  • Breakfast – included Fruits, Milk, Sweets, Juice and some Bananas are a must.
  • Lunch – as every other day, there’s no much changes in it, as you have to survive fasting till sunset.
  • Evening – Snacks, Milk, Palaharas.
  • Night – Roti, Porridge, Sweets and all that without Salt.

God, am bloated just reading this, yet people who fast, make sad faces as the options in the menu are limited. Savouries are spared for a better tommorrow or for the other members of the family.

2A day before fasting, eating like there’s no tomorrow and the day after fasting, all that’s cooked is not enough. When are these actually fasting??

All these can be tolerated, but the last thing they say is, “Am gone all skinny and pale, yet God still doesn’t have mercy on me”.

~ This is a guest post by VRIKSH!

PS: The images used in this post are taken randomly over Web & I do not own them!

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