Obsessed Or Possessed?

Obsessed Or Possessed?

Expectations were all over me, since I was 7, that age was to find a route to fraternity. My parents who were so obsessed with 1st rank were on my neck, hard to breathe, longing for something which I never can achieve, which I knew, but, hard to convince my parents.ThreeRsAs an Indian saying,

Saama – Sweet talks; Daana – Bribe; Bheda – Compare & Insult; Finally, Danda –  Punish;

my parents tried these too and more, but I knew my capability and my parents kept trying. While watching TV I find some toy fascinating and when I demand the same, my parents would say, “I’ll get that for you but, if you score 1st rank” expecting me to be determined to score high. Sometimes they even were thinking of fooling me by making false promises. well, God and me had a completely different strategy, my parents realized who was finally being fooled when they had to sign my progress card. lolzzz, God I just love their look on their faces when they fail and that is when I win. Eventually, I still failed in most of the subjects.

My progress card never made any progress though.

Days passed, my demands were never met, “Mom can I have that?”, “Sure when you get 1st rank“, Huh!

Mom can I have this one on my Birthday?“, “Sure when you get 1st rank“.

Mom, Dad, can I play for some more time?

Dad, can I go out on a school trip? I need 1000 bucks.

Mom, how about buying me a cycle?

Dad, why am I not getting any allowance? like rest of the kids do?

Dad, I want to go out with my friends?

and anything I asked for, irrespective of the questions shot, ‘guess they didn’t even listen sometimes’, but all those had the same answer every time, “Sure, when you get 1st rank!“. God! are these people not bored at all?, Well I am!pic1At one point they knew it was heading nowhere. well, that was too late of a realization because I already hit the dart long ago, praise the Lord for my maturity levels. If every parent in this world expects their child to achieve 1st rank, is it not being mean to the rest of the ranks? Who will get or score remaining ranks? why don’t you understand that God has created people like us to score the remaining ranks. If I were the only pupil in my class, I can make my parents’ dream come true. But my parents think am stupid and such thing is a joke! Well the joke’s on you!! Want to know how? “Well fix an appointment, in the reception at the front desk, and meet me at PTA (Parents-Teachers Association), I have bugged my Teacher and prepared her quite well to have you screwed!!! Yeah now OCD that!!!

build child


OCD = Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

~~ This is a guest post contributed by VRIKSH!

PS: The picture(s) used in this post are taken over the Web randomly & I do not own them.

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