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  1. Hey.. nothing offensive. ‘I second you’ means I support your thoughts and I am the follower of the same. Cheers!

  2. Hi buddy, yea it is a long one, but have to disappoint you – this is not written by me 😛
    That’s what I’d mentioned in the blog header and in the subject as well 🙂 It’s written by one of the kids I like very much. What do you think I can write a poetry? bwahahahahhah 🙂

  3. A friend of mine had sent your blog link, so just wanted to know actually who is the owner of this blog, as you haven’t mentioned your name in your profile and I think without name profile would never be complete or meaningful what you say?
    What you want to know about me? I have already told my name, Veni

  4. Hi dude….

    Such a long song…. But I liked reading it… Did u write this poem by any chance or you got it from any other source?

    Your other writings are also very good and thought provoking…. The speed with which you are posting your writings is surprising me, because i am kinda irregular in posting my writings in my blog:)

    మీరు చాల మ౦చిగ రాసారు:)

    BTW, you are correct! WHAT IS THERE IN NAME:):):)

  5. Here you go! And thank you for your feedback. Will wait to listen from you more. Oh BTW, “What’s there in Name?” :))

    Would like to know you as well… where did you get to know about my blogs… ?

  6. Can you change the background color from balck, as it is very difficult to read such big thoughts. But when I read I felt some thoughts were same as mine and felt Interseting. Write more about your self. First thing, I would like to know your name if you dont mind.

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