A Poor Girl’s Pizza!

A Poor Girl’s Pizza!

It was a rainy day, constantly raining since 4 days which I by the way loved. My nephew who’s gluttonous pestered us for a Pizza to be delivered. My sister yelled, “Not today!, you guys have been having that junk since 2 days!”. But you know what?! The weather demanded for one.

I just sighed my cousin to go ahead, he just jumped in joy and ordered some of his favourites.

My maid appeared at the door with her daughter with an umbrella, but partially wet. We then welcomed her daughter who was a guest surprisingly whom we haven’t met for months.

She was very shy to ask for something or to talk. My nephew and she were watching some low standard, annoying, pointless cartoon series on TV.

In some time, the Pizza guy arrives at our door ready to deliver, my Nephew was excited to introduce me to the new inventions in flavours and some other new arrivals in the Pizzaria. He who was excited to try them renounced all his bonding with us, Lolzzzz…..

There goes three large Pizza’s bill, which apparently had to be settled by me and trust me! It was huge…. My sister just ignored and wasn’t interested much, but I had learnt my lesson. The maid’s daughter kept staring at the types of Pizzas my Nephew had ordered.

I tried to offer her a piece of each, even before she extended her hand, the maid rushes into the scene and opposes me,  giving a frightening stare to her daughter projecting a strict objection through telepathy, I guess!


I tried to convince the maid but she objected strictly with a smile, I couldn’t take that, when questioned her about her behaviour, it was so touching. Her part of explanation – “Sir, my daughter once saw the same in our neighbourhood, came back home running and pleaded me to buy one of those Pizzas. As you know, with the range of salary I earn, these things are just to be dreamt. Hence, I chopped a few radish, tomatoes, onions,  okra and some leftover vegetables. Sprinkled them over a Pan Cake (Dosa) and convinced her that it was the same what she saw.”.

With a smile again, she just grabbed her daughter’s hand and dragged her to the kitchen where she was cleaning the utensils. . I went behind her, “At least now you should let your daughter taste a real piece of Pizza, when she has had her chance, why do you snatch away her share of joy?”. pic2

She turned back, continuing her job, patiently answered, “Sir, you now offer her a real piece, then she gets to know what it really is like. She understands that I was cheating her all this time, her age won’t let her understand, instead, she will hate me. Tomorrow she would demand me to get a real one which I can’t afford and I can’t get her here every time you order Pizza as my self-respect won’t permit me.”. Then she continues with a pause, “So you now decide what is best for her if you were her Parent!”.

God!, Am awestruck!, My vocal chord was muted!, Moved! , Touched!, Emotional!, Compassion flooded! and guess what?! My gluttonous nephew had finished eating everything without waiting for me or even didn’t think of offering some to any of us, his huge burppp!!! did cost me a bill for 3 large pizzas. Lolzzzzzzzz…..


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