Pratyangira Thava Thaatanka Mahima

Pratyangira Thava Thaatanka Mahima

The Goddess who made Meghanath – “Indrajith”. The Goddess who can cause tremors around the globe & toss the universe around. The fiercest form of Kali, the Rahasya Vidya of Lakshmi, the Goddess who can nullify the Vidhyas of Angirasa who hence is called Prati-Angirasa or Pratyangira. The one who stands by Sharabhaa at difficult times, the Great Mother Maha Pratyangira.

SHE who resides in Ayyavadi, Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu, India). The origin of power, strength and wealth, SHE who is bedecked with SRICHAKRA Thatankam in HER ears & Adimoola Bhadrakali on HER Hridayam. A vision, so spectacular that SHE mesmerizes all. The specialty of Maha Pratyangira is that, only 3 Goddesses in India owns SHRI CHAKRA Thatankam:

  1. Thurukadayur Abhirami (Tamil Nadu, India)
  2. Thiruvanaikaval Akhilandeshwari (Tamil Nadu, India)
  3. Ayyavadi Maha Pratyangira (Tamil Nadu, India)

One who visits the Ayyavadi temple can ask the Purohith or the Brahmin to point the Aarathi towards the SHRI CHAKRA earrings & the Aadimoola Bhadrakali on her HRIDAYAM & closely observe the face of the Goddess framed elegantly with the earrings & Bhadrakali on Her heart.

A view of such kind would hypnotize any. The earrings around HER face are so special for the Tantrik Goddess (Pratyangira called as Atharvana Bhadrakali), because the earrings are of three parts:

  1. The first part is a Naga-Yaali
  2. The second is an important part (which is situated just above the SHRI CHAKRA bindu) where Shiva & Shakti are in a Tantric Sexual Posture as Kaameshwara & Kaameshwari the origin of life.
  3. The third part is the SHRI CHAKRA that hugs the face of the Goddess (many miss to observe this when they visit)

The Aadimoola Bhadrakali (who is the moola or the main Shakti of Pralaya Rudra, the kali who witnesses the Pralaya and the universe dissolve into Shiva) is placed on HER heart.

As the SHRI CHAKRA is placed very close to the Goddess’s face, it looks like 3 Shri Yantram (Goddess’s face in the middle too is no less than ‘SHREE’). The benefits of the complete Darshan:

  • Shri Yantram installs all round prosperity
  • Kali grants Shakti (Tantrik Strength)
  • Wealth, Health and Longevity.
  • Aren’t we missing something? Yes, Pratyangira Devi grants you a shield from “evil eye”, gnomes, evil spirits and curses. SHE lets you enjoy all the above mentioned benefits without any obstructions.
  • SHRI CHAKRA Thatankam of the Goddess is so famous, a small reference from ‘Soundarya Lahari’ is mentioned at the end of this article.

This I consider a Seva to inform people on how should they have a Darshan, sometimes it’s not only the God, it’s the package too that matters like SHRI CHAKRA of Kancheepuram, Sword of Mookambika, Nose pin of Meenakshi & Kanyakumari, Nose pin of Ananda Bhairavi, Menstural Clothes of Khamaakya, Golden Umbrella of Devi Jwala, Tiruvanaikaval Akhilandeshwari’s SHRI CHAKRA earrings, Kumbakonam Mantra Peeteshwari’s Alankaram, Ayyavadi Maha Pratyangira’s SHRI CHAKRA Thatankam (earrings), Flames of Thiruvannamalai etc.

An extract from Soundarya Lahari, explaining the power of Thatanka.

Sanskrit Text:
सुधामपि आस्वाद्य  प्रतिभयजरा मृत्युहरिणीं
विपध्यन्ते विश्वे विधिशतमखाध्या दिविषदः
करालं यत्क्ष्वेलं कबलितवतः कालकलना
शंभोः तन्मूलं तव जननि ताटङ्क महिमा

sudhAm api AsvAdya pratibhayajarA mrutyuhariNIm
vipadhyantE vishvE vidhi shatamakhAdya diviShadah
karAlam yatkshvElam kabalitavatah kAlakalanA
na shambhOh tanmUlam tava janani taTanka mahimA

[O! Mother,] All the Gods, including Brahma and Indra, get destroyed during the great deluge, in spite of consuming ambrosia and being immune to old age and death. On the other hand, Lord Shiva, who had consumed the most potent of poisons (Kaalakoota), is not destroyed even during the deluge. The reason for this being the greatness of your ear studs (The implied meaning being that Parvathi, being a Pativrata, is able to shield her husband from the greatest of mortal dangers).

I request everyone those who read this article to inform those who visit the temple to have a Darshan of the SHRI CHAKRA Thatankam & the Aadimoola Bhadrakali and complete the yatra. Spread the fame of Devi Maha Pratyangira, spread the fame of SHRI CHAKRA earrings SHE is bejeweled with & the Bhadrakali on Her neck. Spread the word, educate people & help them gain the complete benefits of the visit. I have done my share as HER devotee, hope you would too.

PS: Few of the pictures used in this article were taken from web/ internet randomly and I do NOT own them

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