Gooey Questions…

Was going crazy this morning and thought to write something to make you crazy as well 🙂 There are lots of questions going on in my mind; we can’t ask someone on all these silly ones though. So, just letting my mind free by throwing them to the world… heha

I think all of this WWW thing originates from ‘Questions’ & depends on ‘Questions’. Here’s the list or Qs I have, to name afew & not limited to 🙂

Are you an alcoholic? Are you a drug addict? Why consume alcohol? Abuse someone or something after boozing? Feel as if you are the ruler of this universe, living in clouds? Why we behave so cheap after we are drunk? Get on high and don’t care if there are kids, children, women, elders around; keep talking rubbish?

Can you live without a phone/ mobile? Do you have a Smartphone? What do you like, a Blackberry or an iPhone? What do you use it for – music/ entertainment/ education/ communication the most?

Do you read books, novels, news? Are you into films or movies? Like TV documentaries?

Whose driving do you think is better – Men’s or Women’s? Let the fact be a mystery…

Have you been through any major surgical/ medical treatment? Who took care of you then?

Do you Blog? What do you think of copyrights? Are you into plagiarism? What do you write or think on the most? Do you own your own website or planning to launch one soon? 

What do you mostly watch TV for – philosophy, science, crime, research, previews, politics, surveys or others?

Do you like delays? Whether you do it or you face it? It tests the thing called ‘patience’.

While registering to something or placing orders online, do you actually read the related terms and conditions, security instructions, policy details etc? Or do you just blindly accept them without reading, just clicking submit button? Do you actually look for the history or feedback of that product before placing an order?

Are you into adventures? Have fear of death? Are you phobic of something which you want to get rid of?

Do you play games or into sports? Are you health conscious? What do you do for it? What do you think are the sources of mental & physical energies?

How long do you spend on web/ internet, surfing online? What for – seeking sex, dating, shopping, reviews, social, messenger or some kind of chatting, market analysis, for some metrics or others? What is that you be there watching at mostly – videos, music, photography, media or others? Where do you look for deals while shopping online?

Why do you quit job(s)? Is it because of your boss/ colleagues, culture within, salary, work or others?

What social networking websites do you visit the most – Facebook, Google, Orkut, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress or others?

Where do you prefer to spend your holidays/ vacation? Do you like to travel? Do you prefer it with family or friends or partner or parents? What do you feel about hotel stays while travelling – I mean do you enjoy it than being at home?

Are you a foodie? What kind of food do you love? How about desserts? Love ice creams or sweets or fruits etc?

How do you define money & life? Do you think money is all about it, in life?

If willing to, what do you protest against – racism, rape, government, crime, terrorism, discrimination or others?

Do you feel like taking revenge of someone? Who is that btw – colleague, friend, spouse, parent etc?

Do you get enough privacy at your home/ house or at work place? I mean who doesn’t want some space for self?

What brings you happiness? Wife or wine or something else?

Are you into programming? Do you develop some kind of software products? What technology do you think sucks big time?

Do you like to be questioned? Are you married, when will you marry, where are you going, what are you doing, why you do this, blah blah questions – especially when asked by someone at work or someone who is not close to you? Or even close to you, don’t you think there should be some boundaries? Don’t you feel like they are trying to interfere in your personals?   

Which country/ countries did you visit – America, India or any other country?


OK, before you tell me to stop being/ acting a weirdo, I’ll put an end to this Q list 🙂 But I’m sure each one of us will have such questions which we don’t care to get answers since, again, they may sound silly to others around J


PS: Pictures in this post are taken randomly over web. No plagiarism is intended!

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  1. Those questions are very interesting. I wonder how long will it take to answer all of them. I would love to answer random questions to kill sometime and it helps me to know myself better.

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