Scam: Beware Of Cellular Frauds!


[Cellular ISD Awareness Campaign – By IDEA!]

Cellular Scam – Be cautious when calling / dialing an unfamiliar telephone number — it could be a costly international telephone call. Consumers nationwide are being lured into calling international telephone numbers through missed calls. You could end up with a hefty phone bill if you call such international telephone numbers.

Phone Fraud


Every country has its own ISD code, for example the ISD code for India is +91, to make a call within India, the number +91 has to dialed followed by the area code (not for mobile calls) & finally the recipient’s telephone number. Any number that does not begin with +91 is an international call… Now that’s an easy & effective way to stay away from dialing out unsolicited ISD calls.

If you are receiving any missed call from ISD number starting from +92, +8818, +236, +960,  +932 etc, then do NOT call back nor send any message back to this number unless these are familiar / known telephone number, Calling back these unfamiliar numbers can cost heavily.


This form of scam is continuously increasing day to day & we all must be alert of this trap. …So be careful

I’ve received a ‘missed’ call from a Pakisthani number (+92), in fact I do not know anyone from there. This email was very useful, I didn’t call back on that number, else I would have been looted 😛

PS: This email was forwarded by IDEA representative, so I believe it can be trusted. And I do not own the Image used in this post, taken randomly over Web.

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4 thoughts

  1. this is a big scam. it happen twice for me also in last six months. we are educated can be taken care of it but what about common man .how many crores they are exploiting.. Mobile companies should take care of it . mobile companies should provide optional filter for isd calls.if any customer specially requests then only the access should be provided.if mobile companies are serious, it is not a problem to solve it. i called up IDEA customer care. but they are not very much serious. TRAI should provide one separate cell to solve this problem.

  2. Please explain more how this scam works. Of course it's costly to call international numbers and satelite phones, but how are the scammers getting extra money on top of the call charges?

  3. Dear Bro,

    Thanks for the information, but just wanted to add that +92 is a legitimate code of Pakistan. Yes the scammers could use it as they can from india or china or any place else. But this +881 etc numbers bills you are the end of the month where as those scammers will not. Yes to be on a cautious note you don’t have to answer all the unknown calls.


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