She Chose To Be A Girl!

She Chose To Be A Girl!

A hot summer in Chennai it was, my friend and I decided to visit a Carnival and fest that was held in a temple of Goddess Draupadi. As known to many, we Indians can’t have our mouth shut when we have company, “Of all Indians you know, Chennaites are very conservative, the level of acceptance hasn’t broadened yet” said my friend.

What makes you think so?” I asked, with an eagerness not much, as I me myself had the same opinion for long.

He gave me examples of one too many topics which started from fashion, sexual discussions and also reached topics which covered almost all.

But, this one thing happened, which was a small tipple that turned everything upside down.  Before the discussions could end, we had reached the temple, had a glimpse of Draupadi who was adorned with jewels and the exaggerated devotees yelling all around, it was difficult to make our way out.

It started raining, heavily, it took a while for it to stop.

When we walked out, there were muddles & puddles everywhere. Opposite to us was a family trying to make their way into the temple.


Just by looking at them, we could guess that was a small, beautiful, loving family, a father, a mother, a daughter and son. They were too traditional and stayed close to each others, scared of getting lost in the crowd.

We were just waiting out for the procession of Draupadi to begin. In a while, it began. The formalities were all done, the devotees who cooked at the temple premises started to share the food amongst everyone assembled there.

The family whom we saw, gave a pot full of sweetened rice to their daughter to distribute it. When she walked towards us, she was dressed all neat and approached with a walk of poise, we then stretched our hands in order to accept the offerings made to God.

She then in a very grumpy, manly voice, politely said, “Please ask for more, if needed, there is plenty“. We were in an awe, awestruck ‘WAS THAT A BOY??‘.

We still couldn’t digest the fact that she was a cross dressHijraer she looked more like a girl by birth, we could see her stand in a queue of transgenders, cross-dressers and eunuchs  for whom the crowd paved way for a special ceremony where they were married to the God Aravan, we still couldn’t believe what our eyes confirmed us on that.

She then ran to her parents, who, with love grabbed her shoulders and fed a morsel each and treated as if she were a real daughter. How happy would the couple have been during the time of her birth to know that the child they gave birth to was a boy, but, the love was still unmatched when they learnt that she was a transgender, SALUTE!.

They were poor, but tried to sabotage all the rules for their Transgender child. This level of acceptance was shocking. Probably, even educated and people of higher class wouldn’t have this broader spectrum of acceptance.


The changes we bring into the society, in terms of clothing, food and behavior shows how much the generations have changed. But this very scene shows a panorama of generations moved beyond our spectrum of acceptance. The speed can never be matched. Who could do that? Well, LOVE can.

Trust!! its not easy as we mock. Being in every step of her life and yet let live her life the way she wants as a transgender is really not that easy. Just the very thought of having someone like that in our family is a nightmare. SALUTE! head long! to her parents whom seem nothing less than God. when people in remote areas of this country kill girl babies, these parents want to keep her, the flesh of their flesh, the blood of their blood.

As the Holy Bible, Quran and Hindu Puranas state that: “None appears or disappears without the will  of the Ultimate Soul (the GOD)“, he hence creates all he likes, which means, he has created them as he liked them to be!. Why isolate or hate his creation?. Then there’s no point in visiting temples or praying, as we aren’t accepting his deed and indeed not accepting him.

PS: The pictures used in this post are taken over the web randomly and I do not own them.

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