Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned!! – Accusing!

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned!!

As Pathanjali Yoga Sutra says – A person is never, what he says ‘he is’.

1Some behavioural problems have an Asterix which sound stupid. These behavioural crisis have a hidden message which reveals a threat you might encounter. Here’s a few I came across feel free to brief some, which I might have not noticed or misunderstood.

Like – my mom’s actually sweet and soft from the inside, but she looks like she’s harsh. Come on, would you believe that? A harsh hag? Being soft & sweet from inside?

Lesson LearntImposters of  Innocence are always Monstrous. 



When you are told that my dad prioritizes humanity over money – you fool!!, should learn that its not going to be easy for you to force him out of his closet, for what ever you do he’s going to behave like a Saint.

Lesson LearntAt your very first meet tell him you are entwined with poverty. The rest works in your favor, this might be a bit confusing and hard to agree, try it out for a better turn ahead.




A person who laughs a lot – well this one’s a trick or treat  in a mystery gift box, most of these are either friends or in-laws.

Lesson LearntStay away or enjoy their presence, these are emotionally weak  can be modulated and exploited to your will or can be hazardous sometimes. Get entertained, stay close but beware.



If one speaks a lot about love – lets not analyse or discuss more.

Straight away to Lesson LearntGet inspired by their love stories but don’t get inspired enough to become a part of tragedy, by sharing a part of life.




There’s a thing amongst many now-a-days who think, by saying “am short tempered” are designing an image of sophistication in others. They also pretend or adapt this behaviour to prove the fact.

Lesson LearntThese people live behind a false image  in them and others for the rest of their lives, pushing people away from them  hence straining themselves as well as others and are better left alone.


6I buy whatever I like!” – These are those who are fatal to lives, they are either financially corrupt or will be economically collapsed later.

Lesson LearntGo out shopping with them but never imitate them, shop for them as a relaxation therapy, try nice clothes on yourself at mall, select some undesirable clothes for them so they don’t pester you much.


If you hear a new friend say “Everyone just uses  me for something” – he’s actually to an extent useful, but will dominate you every time he helps making the situation worse.

Lesson LearntUse them, throw them, they never deserve anything more.

I had one who kept saying she was straight forward, well I had a lot to learn from that one, Lolzzzz, she was the best in back-biting with a “BIT-ch factor in her“. Turns out Patanjali was right. I don’t know what I am, a complaint box or pessimistic of prejudice.

An ideal personality whom I think is worth to share, every worthy life in  world would be something like this:  An ideal person to me 7is, one who tells all your mistakes to your face and yet loves you. Go out shopping and when you try to avoid buying expensive stuffs knowing either of you cant afford, your beloved is shattered that he cant get you what you desire. Walking down an avenue, window shopping, he says “only if I were rich, these would be yours by now”. checks his/her pocket to see if he can afford you the best gift in the shop. shops in a sale and never lies or behaves as if it was expensive.

Dining in a restaurant which is comparatively cheaper on price but honestly tells you that that was all he could afford. Cares af if your problems were his/hers. stares grudge-fully at those who stare at you even after post 10 Years of Marriage. He or she should never say – “We are now past the age to sex every night, hope you understand”. Understand each other’s stage of Menopause and Andropause.. Lolzzzz…

Talking to each other about what you missed in your childhood and laughing together about the past experiences of misery in life and respecting each other for the known and unknown sacrifices.

Telepathic thoughts running at same pace and intentions, loves to leave everything behind what he/she loved only to make the relationship happening. Responsible enough to attempt the moves or analyse thoughts before the other decides to start.


Mainly as Kamasutra says, the best person who can keep you happy is:

One who doesn’t love anyone, one whose being hated by many even his closest – but desires to be loved and flood their partner with all the love he/she has all those years and not knowing what to do with all the love he/she has.

One who’s got very less brains to make her own decisions so that you can make them for her favourable to you.

Loves you more and hates everyone else, so that not one can scar your relationship but you.

Loves food and is just addicted to yours.

Loves sex but is phobic to try it out with many because he/she is scared of being caught and loose you or due to many other reasons.

Very dominant but is scared that the partner will leave him/her.

Never should be a dual personality.

Pushes you to achieve what you want. Many such things which can make you proud and happy but irritating, will fetch you a well uninterrupted love life.

PS: The pictures used in this Post are taken randomly over the Web and I do not own them!

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2 thoughts

  1. As the very first phrase says, this has already been mentioned in Pathanjali’s yoga sutra (a self-explanatory that it is already known to many).

    This is just an accretion of analysis, please share a few which you might have encountered.

  2. hello.. you put it nicely .. but these are the facts known to all over period of time..only thing is whether you learn first then experiencie it or learn from experiences.

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