Tattoo Aftercare!!

Tattoo – an art that is sculpted on your body. Well, you should be very careful in selecting both the art which you wanna get tattooed on your body & the tattoo artist for doing it. Because, once tattoo is done, it is there forever & it costs much more to erase it than what it did cost for getting it done. So be very selective/ choosy in what you are going to get tattooed, meaningful ones.

Once tattoo is done, that’s not it. Tattoo Maintenance for few days is mandatory to let the colors settle on your body. Colors depend on your skin tone/ type, not all colors are absorbed by your body. A good tattoo artist should be able to guide you what colors are good for your skin & which can be absorbed well by your skin.

So yes, selecting colors is also an artistic skill. Maintenance is tougher & one needs to be very conscious about the ‘aftercare‘. If you miss taking care of few things, tattoo will be gone faded, wasting all your money, effort of an artist. An artist is not responsible for ‘aftercare’, it’s you who should take care of it after the tattoo is done.

When a tattoo is done, it looks very good, colors well noticeable. But when it heals, colors may be lighter than how they looked immediately after tattoo is done. So, don’t worry about it, if you take good aftercare, you can retain the maximum of colors & look of your tattoo.

If you have no time or patience for the ‘aftercare’, all the time & money you spent on getting a tattoo done will go waste!!

Follow these guidelines if you wish to keep your tattoo in its original condition (there may be other products available in the market, but keep in mind Vitamin E always):

  • Wash your tattoo with soap (unscented one, like Chandrika) & water in a circular motion, then pat dry (don’t rub) with a clean towel only. DO NOT apply soap directly, but apply the foam out of it.
  • Apply a thin layer (not too much) of cream (SSD, SS Sulfa etc), to your entire tattoo. Strictly NO Petroleum Jellies like Vaseline etc.
  • Wrap your tattoo with cling film, tape it well, so it’s alright & well sealed.
  • Repeat steps 1-3, three times a day, for three full days – to avoid any infection or skin allergies.
  • Leave the cling film on all time, day & night. DO NOT remove cling film at nights.
  • From the fourth day, as usually 1-3 times a day – wash with soap, tap dry with a clean towel & do not put any film on. Apply the cream as usually. If you feel it very dry, you may use natural cream as stated in Point 9 below. DO NOT scratch, but pat it. Do this for seven days.
  • Keep your tattoo out of the sun at least for the first week, the longer you keep your tattoo out of the sun, the better your tattoo will last.
  • No swimming in the sea or a pool for the first 3 days (this could cause infection again, & salt water will not let colors settle well). DO NOT Gym as well, avoid all things which will let you go sweaty & salty; & which lets your tattooed skin stretch.
  • After 7 days, use a natural cream with “Vitamin E” (Elovera – Vitamin E & Aloe Vera/ Moiste/ Almond Extract/ J&J Baby Oil – least preferred).

Consider following these steps as mandatory for few days to keep your tattoo in its best state. When you get a tattoo done, you might as well end up getting no proper sleep, be prepared for that.

Enjoy Tattooing!!!

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