Teach Me How To Laugh!

Teach me How to Laugh.

For those who find no point in laughing and are allergic to fun.

Me and my friend were trying to be adventurous during too many situations especially when bored. This summer our streets were too deserted, all our friends were out of town on their vacation. This wasn’t new to us as this happened every summer.

We just sat beside each other, trying to kill time, blaming our parents for not taking us anywhere out. Besides boredom we had to come up with a lie that one would believe, as we were questioned at school as to how we spent time during our vacation, all the kids in the school would be narrating of how their vacation was, the places they visited, things they did. Guess what? We really had nothing to say! But it was a matter of self-esteem to not say anything special. So we discussed what to lie the whole day and everyday, we loved our fantasies of being in different places. Well that was fun!!! Such things now teach me, that ‘innocence’ was our ticket to ‘Utopia’, even when life fucked you!

We then decided to check out a haunted house in our locality, which many were scared of wandering around during night, heard stories about cries and other weird sounds made by the ghost which haunts the house. Though we tried exploring what was inside many-a-times something would scare us all and our brave troop of kids would shatter screaming in all directions, this went on for days and months. As we both had nothing much to do, we planned to survey the house during evening as we were too scared to walk in during night.

So had our lunch, carried a couple of spiritual photos with us and made an attempt to enter. Initially we talked quite aloud later as we walked ahead, in, our voices dropped and we hardly could hear what each other were whispering, now it was all actions warning each other not to be scared. There was a room quite dark and scary, sighed my friend to walk in with me but he was scared and it was my chance to project my courage and prove him a wimp, though was scared from inside had to express valiance in face, so I did and walked around 10 to 15 steps into the room, darkness covered me, heard a sound as if something was dragged, dismantled my courage there and came running out just to see if friend was there, there he was all scared. Then again my face with valiance glowed as if I wasn’t scared  and just came running out, to see if he was safe.

Now I was really scared and saw my friend who was quite cool, this brought more courage in me and  would have been an insult if proved myself a wimp. Then another room  was across the hall, now it was his turn but he denied to walk in he whispered that I look more courageous amongst the two of us, that made me feel special. God!!! What have I done I already started moving into the room carried away by praises, another sound of strong pounding this time it was louder, came running out hit my friend and we both fell on the ground. Now we both understood that we both were scared. Sighed each other that have to soon vacate the place before its too late. Decided to maintain a regular walking pace to walkout of the house before getting killed. My friend and I were now in the hall of the haunted house another Thud!!! God!! This is getting scarier!


My friend questioned me “What scared you there? What did you see?”, I had no time to discuss about anything at that point, all that was in my brain was to come out of the house. Again a sound as if something was being dragged, it echoed around the hall, I caught his shirt “did you hear that?” I asked. “What?” he questioned me back again, again another weird sound “CCOOO0000oooo…” and the volume went down. “Don’t you hear that?” my voice was so scared this time, a stink of corpse, this made me go crazy I had no option but to scream, that was my last hope of survival, but, before I could, “sorry dude, too much garlic!, not me to blame”, “what?”I asked, “I think I have had too much garlic for lunch today” he said. “Dude you farted me to death!”and we burst out laughing so much that we hardly noticed how we came out of the house.


Guest Post by Vriksh!

PS: The pictures used in this post are taken from web randomly & I do not own them.

2 thoughts

  1. so much fun!!! the actors you talk to in the parking lot will not come out of character for anything! i was standing next to my car taking a pic of my friends and apparently one of the creatures was behind me the whole time. my friends were giving me a weird look so i turned around and that thing scared the CRAP outta me!! lol but to make up for it he took a pic with us! this haunted house is worth every penny!

  2. I must say it was a bitter sweet good bye. I came inside my house and felt a little emotional. How could he throw all the past back in my face? Who does that? I started to play a computer game to keep my mind busy and away from thinking about the past. I truly thought he was my friend during that time.. I really thought he wanted to be my friend and I thought he cared about me. I never took his friendship as he wanted something more. Thinking back..hind site is always 20/20…I still don’t see where I should have corrected his thinking about a relationship. I felt a loyalty and trust to him because he helped me out during a horrific time in my life. We had long conversations about family, work and all kinds of things. Friends don’t try to ruin your relationship or make you feel bad so I had to let him go as a friend. I felt so empowered because I handled it.. I handled this by myself! At this point in my life I need to get away from toxic friends. I think most of all I feel hurt because he was not really being a friend to me..he was trying to be my boyfriend. In the end he turned out to be an ass with an arterial motive. I will pray for him and in time I will forgive him for all the harsh words. Saying Good Bye to a bad friendship is necessary sometime.

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