Waxing I.T. Wanes Cultural Morale…

Well, apart from being proud that we work for an IT company, do we think of it anytime on how its affecting our lives? IT (technology) has made our lives much simpler, but as well has a serious impact on our personal lives. People has a generic idea about IT that it’s the channel to make much money out & live a life happily. Is it so?

OK, we will glance through few positives & negatives of IT with few real time experiences.


PS: By IT, I didn’t mean just the software companies, but everything related to IT – KPO, ITES, BPO etc. Also, I am not intending to highlight any company/ employer here, but these are my experiences so far through out my professional life.

Proven A Boon: Few examples, to name a few & not limited to!

  • Flexibility of working hours (at least within some companies) – where we have the previlege to opt when to work & how to work, even work from home.
  • Decreased manual transactions in almost all businesses now.
  • Increased Social connections.
  • Stay in touch – ease the effort of being in touch with family & friends, while living afar. 
  • Most lively Information @clicks regarding anything you may name it.
  • Self Exposure – sharing personal thoughts/ experiences with the World with ease.
  • All facilities are available over web & one can sit at home & rule the world – to name afew & not limited to: travel plans can be made effectively, financial transactions can be made easily while resting @home.
  • IT has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives – cell phones, laptops, communications, entertainment etc.

Proven A Bane Either – Big Time: Few examples, to name a few & not limited to!

  • Hackers can ruin our lives which we have seen/ heard in real time cases.
  • Cyber crime rate has been proven uncontrollable.
  • Blackmailing using electronic media – terrorism, calumniation…
  • Today’s world/ people is ‘Totally’ dependent on IT, which may cause problems. We are becoming lazy & do not care to opt alternatives to perform a task due to that lazyness.
  • IT professionals have high probability of health hinderances like back pain, obesity, sinusitus, gastric problems, piles, mental stress, the list goes on. I mean our lives will be like ‘Earn a Rupee & Spend 2’!! 
  • Less physical activity, resulting many defficiencies. Well, people who are health conscious will take care of exercising & stuff. But what percentage of people do take care of all these? Do you?
  • Your privacy is “Limited” than you expect it to be. Rather your identity can be stolen very easily. 
  • For many of the facilities, there is “Cost” included – not FREE!
  • There is still a risk of loosing information through many channels – hacking, virus, physical damage to servers etc.
  • Though we have increased social connections, it can make in person people relations vanished.
  • Rumours can be spread within no time across the world. 
  • Job opportunities have been drastically decreased, resulting increase in unemployment worldwide.

Through I.T, we have adopted much of the western culture. Ok great, but how does it help you balance your personal lives? Many say it’s in our hands to balance professional & personal lives. How far is that true? Does it help you maintain that love & affection that you deserve to possess? Will you be able to spend some value time with your nearer & dearer ones? What can happen – Gap is built between you & your loved ones, resulting in no-strong emotional bond! You work hard, work for long hours, live away with your family for long, get less time to spend with them – just to earn some “Extra” money (for your family)! But does it really help? We don’t know how & what we will be losing with this. But ultimately, the company is benefited out of your efforts.

What’s the use of following new culture which is letting you forget your own culture? Do you get time visit temples/ spiritual places, perform traditional acts, at least occasionally?

We keep in mind only about “extra” income & end up compromising on such stuff which may give you that extra thing – like night shifts, overtime hours… We skip to think that how will it affect our health. Well, we know it does have a serious impact on our food habbits, timing & thus resulting in problems with digestive system & other, which inturn are the root causes for further more diseases.

We are preached about responsibilities, roles and ownerships – well, all these makes sense until our personal lives are not being affected just for the sake of company’s benefit!! What happens when a company with a little reputation, bids for the lowest cost & lowest turn-around among all other companies? It may get the project, but sits on our heads like a ‘Sin’ – letting us work for significantly long hours, even at the weekends, with no extra cost at their end! Well, keep aside paying us extra for such stuff, but what about our personal life & commitments?

One should be aware of company’s tactics also, which I’m sure you will understand as you exist few years in an I.T company. They provide you mobile email access and such stuff, which you think are factors you should be proud of. In fact, that’s a benefit to the company, can catch hold of you when there is a problem – even when you are off, and expect you to work for no extra money :p

People opt to work in the night shift just for “very few” goodies called ‘allowances‘. But did you anytime think that you really deserve to work late for those “few” goodies affecting your health?? If you fall real sick and had to take long leave, your company will let you go but without pay!! I mean, you work at nights for extra 5-6K, & if you fall sick, you end up paying for getting rid of your illness more than whatever you earned. Do we really need this? Who is getting benefitted more out of our extra efforts? Obviously – Employers, by just throwing a minimal amount for those efforts & gaining way much above what is being paid to employers.

You throw a dog a biscuit (which costs nothing comparitively) & turn him your side. It’s just alike with I.T companies – throw some biscuits to employees, make them think of those so called ‘extra allowances‘ & work per their need. These ‘extra allowances’, when seen in detail, are NOTHING to an employer, but they may end up eat your health. But you know we are “Human” & keep getting attracted towards those “Extra” stuff :p

Managers who support you when you are in trouble & who praises you when you do a real good job – if you have one of this kind, consider yourself lucky. Managers who throw everything on your head when in trouble & who doesn’t even care to say ‘Good Job’ when you really do it, be very careful with them!! You will loose hell out of your life working with such creatures.

Remember one thing – DO NOT BE EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO YOUR COMPANY!! A company is a company – when you work for it, it takes a ‘little‘ care of you. When something happens (God Forbid) to you, will it take care of you or your family? NO!! it will just look for a replacement to you within no time, to keeps it’s business going. It will not have any emotional attachment with you, but just a business deal!!

So, please do not forget your origin & life’s importance! You be sincere, honest & whatsoever you call it, towards your company – but do not get attracted to those “extra allowances” which can affect your personal life & health. Think of it, you will not regret & will take care that such things will not divert you from what you actually need & desire in life!

My writing hasn’t ended here, but will continue writing about this aspect of life. Till then please let me know your thoughts on this, can even stop me if I’m not correct anywhere here!

Cheers & Haffun! Be seeing you soon again!


PS: Pictures are taken randomly over web. I do not own them and I do not intend plagiarism!

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