Good Touch, Bad Touch!

Good touch, Bad touch!

The one thing we hear a lot these days. Awareness programs are held across the globe, for kids. A topic, uncomfortable to convey and to start the discussion.

But, we are not talking about any sexual content here, also nothing less dangerous than that.

[This post may sound funny to few, but it isn’t I must say]

In some places of our country, people need to be educated about hygiene. Will mention a few disgusting encounters to you, as you continue reading. You may tend to laugh, which means you too may have experienced these.

When I first came down to Chennai, was shocked to see few people touching all the sweets and savories in a stall. They walk by every tray of sweets, pick one, have a detailed view, put it back, go to the next tray and the process repeats.

So this is what I call “BAD TOUCH” eeewww!!! – ‘Don’t know where your hands have been’. Now this doesn’t sound much serious, does it? Not disgusting? Well, continue reading…

Incident 1:

A man walks in, sneezes on the food tray in a sweet stall, doesn’t cover his mouth, and you end up buying it!!


Incident 2:

A person walks into a stall picking his nose or let’s say cleaning his tooth gap with his nails. He then decides to see if the PAKORAS are fresh and hot, touches and picks one or two, one he puts in his mouth and puts one back in the tray. You after buying it, taste something funny!


Incident 3:

A person scratches his itchy butthole or his groin, decides to buy something from a stall. Picks a sweet from the tray, takes a 3D detailed view: front, back and sides. Asks to pack the same. The shopkeeper packs everything, except the one he touched and you buy it and put that in your mouth!


Incident 4:

A man urinates near a pavement. Does not wash his hand, instead walks into a stall. He is very particular about eating something ‘hot!’. He touches the PAKORAS, then the Bajjis, then the Bondas, also the last tray in a corner that has Vadas & something ‘weird looking’ in it, but he doesn’t care. He just touches it all. You may end up buying anything ‘he touched!’.



Seriously? What more disgusting you expect? Are these not disgusting enough?

‘SWEET-HEART’, you need a Psychiatrist!

So what do you call this kind of behavior? This surely is not a ‘GOOD TOUCH’. ‘EATING-OUT’ is surely not healthy, but hygiene is the last thing to compromise. I surely do not want a taste of someone’s ‘BUTT’.

Let’s rise our voices, question the stall/ shopkeeper, if it’s untouched by human hands.



NOTE: Fee or all of the pictures/ images used in this post were picked from web randomly, I do not own them.

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