Tradition “ON SALE”!

Indian Tradition.  Ganesh Chaturthi – A Festival for all.

Per our tradition, we know the idol for Ganesh Pooja is ideal when made of clay, turmeric or herbs induced terracotta. Hence we started hunting for vendors who craft Ganesh idols using clay. A day passed, a week passed – it was tough to find clay idols around. Finally, we found a shop where we could procure clay based idols. We were so happy to find one and asked him to quote price, of an idol which was sized a little more than a palm.

We literally were shocked to know– the price was Rs. 3,000 /-?!!?! I mean, a palm-sized idol made of clay, with no colors, nor the finishing was good. The same kind we used to buy for Rs. 100 /- to Rs. 200 /- in another city! We were devastated, frustrated – well who would wish to get mugged?

*** “What an ATROCIOUS behavior in the name of GOD!” ***

While returning back home, we luckily found a potter from whom we could obtain raw clay. Induced some oil and tried make this at home, using water colors and other eco friendly decorative items.                











All I’m trying to convey here is not about the over prices they are demanding, nor our efforts for making the idol, but a few things:

  • Don’t succumb to the insane demands made by vendors, who take advantage of the occasion. Rather try to negotiate, if still doesn’t work, look for alternatives which will be within your capabilities. It’s not about who can afford or who cannot; it’s an effort to build an awareness to put an end to such brutal demands – ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago‘.
  •  You will have some skill sets which you might not know yourself. Try experimenting on occasions as these; which helps you get introduced to your “Unknown-Self“! This kind of attitude helps address issues/ problems one may encounter in their professional or personal lives!!

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