This is written by my very special friend….. on a paper… Just to test a new pen which I bought 🙂 Can you believe this? Well, sometimes we have to… I didn’t wanna miss that paper, so jotting down here to keep it alive….. and yea, this ain’t plagiarism 🙂
“Every man when tries to know the world, and when he knows, is left with a question unanswered – which he carries to his grave, which he alone knows what…
But when the whole world leaves him behind, to rest in peace, his soul still searches… & is never alone.
The Soul then leaves it to someone whose hunt is for the same to augment his wild curiosity, which when unanswered follows him to his grave ‘unanswered’….. “
Wait, what did you understand by this? Well, many people – many meanings. But those who have the same thoughts as the author, will definitely understand what it means 🙂
PS: The image here is from web, I just took it to make it relevant.

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