The Whores Who Wore Crowns

The Whores Who Wore Crowns!!

When time flips opportunities and situations, it gives birth to History; When people switch behaviors, they are part of History.

As they say, when you sure have no enemies, it means you are not successful. Similarly, when a person never changes, he sure never makes a difference.

These two characters of History inspires us ‘How to‘ and ‘How not to‘ direct the course of destiny.

Theodora – “The Whore with a Heart of Gold
Valeria – “The Queen beheaded with a Sword of Gold

Theodora was born to a courtesan in Constantinople, she then persuades the same, to support her family, entertains ministers, wealthy men & travelers. She is then known as the most beautiful sex worker with an expertise to satisfy all. Her beauty paves way to the King’s chamber & makes him fall in Love with her.

There was a time when this King tries to flee during war, but Theodora takes control of situation, boosted his confidence and won the war. She then becomes the first Empress of a European country and directs Constantinople to the peak of its fame and then makes it a point of trade.


Valeria marries a King, he who has often waging wars, was not much in his own country. This gave the nymphomaniac queen Valeria her space to quench her sexual fetishes with the men she liked, at a point she introduces “role play” and also is known to the entire country that anyone could get her easily.

She went out in the night, competes¬† with the local prostitutes in satisfying the highest number of men and wins every time. She then plots a plan with the King’s very intimate friend to kill the King, as he returns. The king learnt what her plan was and beheads her with his sword.


These two stories reciprocates one another of how a prostitute turned an Empress and an Empress turned prostitute, opt the ways and opportunities lies before them and modify their lives with a parameter called “thought“.

The first used her sexual skill to impress the king, after becoming queen and stood by her man during the time of war, who was cowardly trying to respond with a flight, helped him, changed the country’s map on the Globe. She never forgot where she came from & won life. When in a risky situation, she proved her strength to show she was more than a regular slut.

The other woman, forgot her roots, her position as a queen, waited for her husband to go out on war, used the chance to enjoy and planned to kill the King and got herself killed. Though had a chance to show her strengths in the absence of her husband, she proved she was nothing but a slut.

Both the characters did almost the same, sexually, but thought differently. They both had a chance to change the course of their destiny –¬†One jacked up! and the other got fucked up!!

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